Stream Axie Verse, Win Rewards!

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 18 Aug 2023

Axie is expanding blockchain metaverse game. Each month you would find something new from that game. Also the chain is something you would enjoy making use of as well. I have learned from the experience that anything to do with axie would earn you enough and keep you into some sort of rewards. Even writing for them is going to pay off in some ways.

They recently announced the streaming rewards. You can find the tweet that explains about it.

There is going to be 600 AXS tokens out for the rewards. And obviously even if you don't win, some of the platforms you would find the team boosting you up in some other ways. And streamer would get the avatar and other exclusive rewards too. It does not matter which axie title you can stream and promote.

I suppose all they want is the exposure. So whatever you choose to play and show the world is going to count. I wish they had the paid rewards. So that the people who promote them would get something in return. Even I would get the chance for writing for them in that case. But life is not fair and you don't get what you want, so we just do things to feel good.

That being said, for those who are influencers, streamers and gamers, who have plenty of free time, they should give this program a try.

You can fill out this form, and go further with the rewards from the Game.

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