Splitgate offers Lightning Network rewards using ZBD

By Novasky | DevPress | 2 Dec 2023

ZBD is one of the popular lightning network gateway that is has made it's name in the gaming community. Many gamers and the publishers are using it to reward each other. Like gamers can tip the creators and the developers. And the publishers can use it to host the in game assets, contest, ingame payments etc. And ZBD has been acquiring the new games into its portfolio for some time now. 

They recently added the Splitgame game into their portfolio. So now the Splitgate is going to accept the ZBD based payments in the game for variety of places and also including the 1047 game and the tournament.

So what is this splitgate game and how does it work? It is one to one and arena style the tournament. You would have to consider theses type of games where the rewards are often given for winning the knockout type matches. And those who have the deathmatch and the flag type of the matches it can be a good to reward using the ZBD satoshis. 

You can check out the gameplay here.

I feel the game is good and they are kind of adding more users to their first person shooter games. I have kind of liked how the game is reminding us the unreal tournament like vibes. I feel adding the satoshi type of payment gateway it can be easier to work with. And another thing is that if ZBD gets more games in the satoshi wallets for lightning network that can bring in revenue for all if used in right games. 

You can check out Splitgate

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