Scrap token of Marketplace released in Synergy of Serra

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 3 Aug 2023

These days blockchain games want their own chain,own tokens and also their own marketplace. And this has given them more control over their own ecosystem. Which kind of helps out expanding and they can have more control over user experience. Most of the users who do the marketplace based games where they have NFTs and the tokens expand faster if they get enough userbase.

Synergy of Serra is one such game where most of the gamers are being rewarded internally and their marketplace would be getting the new token named SCRAP token.

They made the announcement of the SCRAP token that is available to be use in the marketplace.

Apart from the marketplace tokens and the NFTs the game has been making some progress on the rewards side too.You would also find the option to have a good content creator feature in the game. You can find out the details on official site. The game is yet to mature like splinterlands or other games in blockchain space but it has made some decent progress so far.

So how does the gameplay of it works? You can check out the sample gameplay below.

You can check out the Synergy of Serra.

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