Scarlett Johansson vs OpenAI : What it means for Common People

By Novasky | DevPress | 22 May 2024

Ai is taking over the world and it's not just people at the bottom who are likely to get hurt but the people in the middle, above all would be getting the damage. Before we can get the world like matrix, we are going through a lot of damages in real life. Which includes women taking the first round of hit. Which means their face, voice, physical attributes would be copied and used as AI pleases. 

Hollywood is getting the kick of the AI. Why? Because now I can write a prompt and create 1 minute movie. Collecting those small pieces in 1 hour would generate a theatre level movie soon. Hollywood actors getting their voice copied by models, OpenAI copied voice of scarlett johansson and this si where first friction started. 

Here's the thing that are right on case of Scarlett.

1. Her voice was copied and to extent of reality. 

2. No commission or no legal contract

3. No apologies. No sorry. In short acted like the dictator of AI space. 

Now that we know her side is real. And OpenAI is being real enemy of the common citizen at this speed. I understand we are going slowly towards the future of matrix and whether we like it or not, this is the only way we can have some resistance otherwise it would be straight forward farming of common citizens real life assets. 

World is getting darker since the Pandemic. And so much so that we don't mind sex robots. We don't mind having robot companions in real near future. Because we are so damaged due to internet that we have to find the artificial solutions to the problems created by tech. Things are just going to be more evil from this point onwards. 

Blockchain is cool. AI is cool. But blockchain if used badly could destroy the borders and which means the strong nations colonize the weak back again, reducing history back into the dust. Same with AI. It has power to destroy female genders role in society at this pace. And it can even destroy marriages and makes the progeny system artificial without having to go through marriage systems and human process of life. 

Copying voice. Replacing humans slowly is just a start. 

90s SciFi movies are slowly coming into the reality.

It's just that we are in this water so we feel it like oxygen and we don't feel the need to resist some bad changes which were speculated in fiction. 

Let's hope OpenAI does not become the Skynet.

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