Polkadot Parachain Launch Roadmap & Common Good Chains

By Novasky | DevPress | 1 Mar 2021

Polkadot is now getting it's parachain ready for the final stage. A lot of crypto projects are interested in the parachain interoperability and dot's scaling capacity. So it's interesting to see how it goes in real world scenario.

The team behind the Polkadot has released it's parachain launch roadmap.



Common Good ParaChains

Parachain roadmap is going to open up approximately 100 parachain slots. And so there will soon be an auction for the chains that would be available on it's testnet launch. The auctions will last upto 2 weeks and then once the completion of the auction the parachain slots would be usable for next 2 years then slots would be up for auction again. This approach is called governance allocated parachains. This takes care of the free rider problem. This process also in turn would bring out the system level chains and the public utility chains.

In short the parachain who win through auction that benefit the polkadot parachain ecosystem and the kusama network as a whole, the paper calls it - common good chains. 

You can learn more about Common Good Parachains here

Current stage is on the Rococo parachain as the testnet rollout is being taken care of which includes the bug fixing and the testing. In next steps there will be auctions and the final rollout of the parachain that would take place. 

It'd be interesting to see how the Polkadot progress from here onwards, as that would decide how it could help many DEFi projects and the bridges, or even smart contract blockchains who wish to make use of the Polkadot ecosystem. 


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