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By Novasky | CryptoEd | 4 Feb 2023

Otherside a world building platform is making money purely out of the NFTs. And it's interesting not to write about the same. I have covered a lot of games and I'll continue to cover them. However it's necessary to cover some of the NFT collections too. As those collections are the biggest money maker in the market and drives the growth for most of the games.

So there is one land collection which is turned into NFT and is hosted on the opensea. And that collection has the floor price of the 1.8 ETH.


You can check out the collection here.

So what is this game?

This is a world building game. You build, learn and fight for the space. And the thing is that resources here are going to be earning something in the process as well. Here initially the game has the narrative that you would be playing before the game starts to earn you the rewards. For now the game looks pretty cool and playable but it's the NFTs we are after.

So what are the land NFTs in the game?

So this collection called the otherdeeds is basically a pieces of land in the form of NFTs. And those are going to be in rarity amount. And each of those collection items are being sold on the opensea. Something the NFT collectors would be keeping an eye on for now. Some of such collections can be a good investment for those who play for selling into marketplaces.

Overall I feel that it is a good game to invest into and keep tab on.

You can check out the NFT collection and the Otherside Game.

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