Only1 - Adult Platform on Solana Blockchain

By Novasky | DevPress | 22 Apr 2024

People have realized that there is a money to be made in the adult platform. Though it does not have to be por*n but there are platforms that would be showing enough skin and you get to monetize. So the onlyfans is one such platform where you can host those adult content and get users to host that and access based on the subscription. And you made content last year you can keep drip feeding the content for years. So 1 year worth of the adult content in your youth can drip feed for years. 

Now Only1 is one such blockchain platform on solana coming out with the app. And they launched yesterday. 

Now not just they have released the platform and launched their assets but also they have decided to get the funding. And that would slowly get them into the motion. You should check out their funding launch news. You would technically see how those platforms can be useful in grand scheme of things. 

Adult platforms are profitable and people do spend money on these women and the people who wish to monetize their content. Problem is the content and the platforms are not for all. So if it is intended for the type of audience is going to pay off in the long term as well. Worth checking out if you are into startup type of the guy. 

Check out the Only1

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