OANDA Crypto Trading Service Gets Green Signal in UK

By Novasky | DevPress | 26 Feb 2024

United States has plenty of trading platforms. Some of them have now started to offer the cryptocurrencies. Like take an example of Oanda. Which in past was strictly on the stocks and the forex. But as the crypto gained the popularity they have acquired the trading service license in the United States. And they are now moving to other nations like say UK and other EU nations for the purpose of the crypto and the forex trading. 

United Kingdom is opening it's nation for the foreign exchanges and the platforms for working with the locals and the international market. They are not being closed market but they have a lot of compliance and the regulation that they wish to do in the upcoming future. Which goes to show that this would make a lot of interesting changes in the UKs local market for crypto. 


Oanda has total 18 crypto currencies out for the trading and also there is a day trading spread of 18 percent on the bitcoin. The accounts created on their platform are KYC compliant and also they are going to be through regulation of both UK and the USA for the respective consumers. And it is going to be compliant locally for funds. So there is more safety and also compliance means you would not have issue for the local tax side.

UK accepting the external exchanges and offering them license goes to show that they are working towards the regulated crypto in their soil. And this is something they are meant to do most of the time. Another thing is that they are building the compliance and also the things about the regulated exchanges taking shape on their platform. Which goes to show that it can thrive there for sure. 

Oanda is legal and compliant on most of the other assets and the crypto seems to be new for them. They are not Binance but they are crypto with specific type of the currencies being traded on their platforms. So you can consider them for swapping and then using their platform for converting into  FIAT which may be one more legal way to use crypto and that is much better option than the P2P. 

Check out Oanda. 

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