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Mojo Melee with Free Mint of NFT Characters

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 5 Mar 2023

I reviewed mojo melee game in the past which was my short review on the game and it's economy. The game has changed a lot since then. It has recently had this event of the free minting of the NFT character. As that is one of the ways the new gamers can get into the game for the playing and also earning the rewards.

It was one of the fast event where the Minted NFT character was meant to be gone quickly sold. So far the mint is still going on. Who knows how long that would last.

The mint is supposed to start from the 3rd March and last as long as the stock last. I suppose that would last a week or so. I think the characters that you would be using in the champion tournament seems like a good collection to choose from. I don't know if all people can get it.

Those who have the name in the waiting list they are going to get the invite for the mint first then the new users. So things are kind of in a first come first serve in upcoming times. So make sure to be quick if you got the invite.

This NFT collection is on Polygon, so be prepared in the Wallet for the same.

For those who have no idea of the gameplay and also want to get the look at game in general should checkout the gameplay video.

The game would feel like league of legends but it's different from the context of the rewards and the fun part. For gamers who like such type of the game would appreciate this NFT blockchain game.

You can check out - Mojo Melee.

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