Memeland - Metaverse of Memers

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 2 Dec 2022

The way internet works is pretty scary. Any random concept can become a small campfire and it takes off like wildfire. Imagine there are some projects which are out there making money out of some monkey face. And I am not surprised that there are some meme designers making the NFTs and trying to mint in the cash out of this fad.

There is this new Metaverse from the meme users. It's called - Memeland. This project is from the 9gag. And they are pretty serious about it. They are adding the NFT collections, their own coin and it just keep on growing.

This metaverse consists of following components.

The Captainz

This collection is around the pirates, internet memes and the pop culture. You would find around 9,999 NFT items in this collection. There are some rewards in the MEME token for this too. Not a lot revealed about the minting. So the previously released NFT ownership would let the new buyer mint a new. The DAO seems to be pretty much managed by the previous CAPTAIN NFT holders. Its a good collection worth exploring for those interested.

The Potatoz

In this metaverse you have around 9,999 pixelated NFTs that you can hold. Not a fan of these as it's super personal choice for me. I just can't stand a lot of pixelated stuff as an art. For me it's a waste of money. But each to their own and is free to waste their own time. It would fetch the MEME token in the rewards system too. You may find that opensea collection like this is a good choice for the NFT considering it would be easier to access.

You Are the real MVP

If you check the collection it looks pretty expensive. Like more you looks at the places you may just find that its pure meme content and does not seem to have a long term value. But I may be upsetting some of the 9gag lovers and the friends of their content. But fact remains the collection is pretty much low quality for someone like me. It all comes down to personal choice I suppose.


There are more things in the process from the team. I am just not sure if they carry any value. But they seem to have a community power. So let's hope something from the team in context of games and chain.

You can check out - Memeland.

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