Lens Protocol Enables Creator Monetization!

By Novasky | DevPress | 21 Apr 2024

A year back we had this social network named and they monetized the profile images and the social media account as a whole. And that kind of started the carnival like approach where the presence is being monetized. It was kind of like between the onlyfans and the profile monetization system. Now there are some of the social media networks trying this concept but with more value in monetization in content. 

Currently they even offered the features of licensing the content. Like what to do with it. Like give away in public or monetize or license? Yes that is also going on lately with the creator monetization.

How does this system work?

  • You go to one of the dApp of the lens protocol.
  • You get a username aka handle. 
  • You mint that handle. 
  • It's yours and now your build social reputation on it. 
  • You monetize your content around it. 

Now coming to the monetization part. That is not going to be any easy. In fact things would be lot harder and overall tougher too. I have to watch out for the system here that would make it easier for the content to get tips. Because here I thought how the content would be monetizable in this whole system in terms of the content people would tip if they like it. Which is kind of race to the bottom. Making friends, getting them to tip you and circle tipping is how the things would move. Which many may not like that. 


You can use the walletconnect and other ethereum based wallet too. It just takes few of the use case option there for you to connect and use in context of the chain. I feel that giving atleast walletconnect and metamask is enough. There are other options too like coinbase and univeral connect wallet option with QR. So it kind of works out. 

You can check out Lens

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