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Karastar - Axie Infinity Clone with Less Stress to Newbies

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 21 Nov 2021

Axie infinity is one of the popular game on the Ethereum chain. And it's SLP token has managed to break the price of many powerful coins which includes shibaINU and other doge meme coins. However the barrier for entry to the Axie infinity is a bit expensive. New users would have to spend a lot of money in order to get into the game or they have to join guilds like AxieBCH in order to earn scholarship and training for earning their own account.

This is where the new game Karastar has managed to pitch itself in. It has managed to use xDai token as it's native game token for in game items and the marketplace sales. Meanwhile it makes use of the UMY token for internal points system. By earning UMY the players can buy most of the items required for level up and growth yet don't have to spend money initially. 


How does the company plans on making money?

Game company seems to be planning on earning out of the xDai sales in their marketplace for kara sales and the other kara upgrade items. This keeps the economic state of the game pretty much active. Apart from this they would be controlling the game and economy so there must be something in it for them too. But based on their statements they want to keep the barrier to entry cheaper because lack of new players means the game economy soon starts to collapse just like how Axie Infinity is collapsing slowly. 

How many users are playing?

Many users from crypto community are already playing the game and blogging about it. If you are on noise cash you may find following players who are blogging about it. One, two and three.  Currently Register Count:1085127 at the time of the writing this article. 

Should I invest my time into game?

Definitely. The game is currently in beta with lot of bugs. Plus everything you earn during this period will be wiped off the chain. So just play to learn the mechanics of the game. I may in near future write longer tutorial to cover the game in detail once the final release happens on their mainnet. I wish they could release the game on solana instead of Ethereum. But yeah we have to deal with all that gas fees if we want to do anything profitable out of such game. 

You can check out the game: Karastar

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