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Helping Others But Getting Nothing in Return

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 12 Aug 2022

Blockchain Blogging has been kind to me. Though my trait of helping others was never kind to me personally due to lack of selfishness.

I feel good writing about various blockchain and the changes that had been going on with the blockchain in govt & society in general.

Note: treat this post as a rant and a life realization, in context of blogging on blockchain and life.

Let's talk about how this has been the similar pattern with blockchain blogging.

  • I guide people to Hive and Pub0x, a lot of people come here, later they do better than me and forget me.
  • I know atleast 5 people who I have guided to Hive, who are literally killing it on Leofinance, meanwhile I struggle getting 10 cents per article.
  • Helping a lot of new authors find, and Hive, result : they don't even bother connecting back after they see growth.

From this you can imagine how people around me treats me and use my empathy and kindness against me.

I am suffering from this problem in life where I have this fate due to planet Jupiters position in my life. There is this great story on how being selfless made Planet Jupiter getting Insulted by Indra (read here). I share similar fate where I guide a lot of people to blogging, blockchain, better career advice and also life advice some of the time. It's like I see people in suffering, I help and in turn they move ahead and I remain with the suffering. I have not found cure to this.

Enough about what I am going through and potential patterns that are similar to other people in the world.

I feel that when you are going through the phase where you can't be selfish and have ended up giving a lot to other people.

It's definitely better to help yourself. Focus on your own growth and focus on not being used by others.

Be a blogger, get those thoughts out.

Don't keep all those chaotic voices inside. Let your voice be heard, if not by you, atleast by Universe.

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