Google Play Policy Supports NFTs in Game and Apps

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 13 Jul 2023

Google used to be pretty critical of the blockchain. And slowly they changed their stance. They started supporting it in their cloud and then they moved to the stance where they are now started allowing the support for the blockchain apps in the store. And now they have moved to the stance where they even allow the digital money, NFTs into the apps and the games hosted on the Google Play Store.

Take case of apple that takes cut at every transaction on their device. I think developers can use the bypass option to do all the transaction off the apple and only use the apple store to take the download and the numbers there. I have seen this to be one of the option that people seem to be going in case of the apple.

Developers are getting the games and the in app items being sold though the online website and only allowing you to download the apps after that download or so you can think of the payments too. I suppose it would be reasonable to consider the work with the approach like google play. And it's cool to see that they are being supportive to the blockchain apps, NFTs etc.

You can read about the announcement of the Google Policy on NFTs here.

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