Google Cloud adds Gemini AI in Opera Browser

By Novasky | DevPress | 29 May 2024

AI is slowly creeping into every app that we are using. And the companies are collecting data through the use of the AI. And now they would have more personalized data than anything. So now the Google is also using this tactic to manipulate people. And for this they collaborated with the Opera browser. And they are adding the Gemini AI into the Opera browser.

How much is the Aira AI usable? I usually don't go much for AI unless it is about getting answers and questions which are kind of deep to type into the google. So in that case I would use AI. But most of the deep questions are ignored by the AI and also it would take forever for the people to get content out. Because as you know the Opera AI is a bit slow and also google gemini is not really the reliable tool to use either. But each one to their own choice. 

It's not creepy yet as of now because we have a choice to enable and disable. And once it becomes default and does not disable then we have the issue. But for now it would sit into the browser like the dormant bug watching our history and the content. My personal preference is making sure to use the Opera AI only as a search alternative tool. 

You can check out Opera AI

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