Gamety - New Gaming Platform that Rewards Gamers!

By Novasky | DevPress | 18 May 2024

New gaming platforms are coming so that they can benefit out of the transactions of both gamers and the publishers. And when such platforms have limited tokens the pricing variations can keep the economy of such platform moving. Gamety is exactly like that where the gaming platforms make sure to reward the users where the tokens get it's price movement. I have found Gamety in such scenario much comfortable and may grow as well.

You can also check out the whitepaper which is kind of behind a docsend document on Dropbox you would need to put on an email to get the same and you can read about the future roadmap of the gamety as well. 

Let's take scenario where the new games being added here be it retro, card, rpg or any other theme. That kind of builds on the game mechanics and also helps out with the development of the marketplace around such game platform. I feel that kind of improves the overall game market too. Token is likely to develop further as more gets traded. I see the potential here and what they are doing is likely to work for both gamers and publishers on their platform.

Check out the Gamety

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