Flash Payment Platform Built on Nostr Wallet Connect

By Novasky | DevPress | 13 May 2024

Ever since the Lightning network came out in the market the payments in the social media and the small payments with negligible fees has been on the rise. And the Nostr network has made the twitter alternative have the pushing of the small tips a new norm. However as the Nostr Wallet Connect is out and the use case has been increasing lately for bitcoin. So POS sales, subscriptions and paywalls are in the cards. There is a payment gateway opened up called Flash that has made the Nostr wallet connect as a payment system. 

This can be a good alternative to accept tips, payments, subscriptions and paywall. Here you would be easily getting into the payment acceptance for your service and business. This is especially a good option for the booth and the show based POS sales. And that is not all making the profile for the payment acceptance and adding it on social media is another option.

I feel such tech is due lately and if there are more simple interface and payment gateway coming up for the bitcoin or for any crypto for that matter would be a good deal. If such networks start accepting all the possible L2 and the mainstream layer 1 tokens that would be super cool. But real fun is in the satoshis which are easy to send and also lot low in fees too.

Check out the Flash payments to learn more.

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