Fireblocks Partners with Thorchain for Secure Custody Service

By Novasky | DevPress | 24 Jun 2024

There are times when you want to convert crypto assets from one to another. And the way the custody service works you have to get the single chain that is working on bridge and the asset management and transfer. Thorchain is one that has been working on this type of the use case. And they are also working with Bitcoin, Ethereum and L2 chains and few other layer 1 chains. So now there are companies coming out to offer the service of the funds management and the custody services. 


Thorchain is a good blockchain that can make things easier for the DEX operations and also it has support for variety of tokens. So anyone building on such chain and trying to grow their asset can definitely consider fireblocks as the fireblock offering te custody service which can come in handy. Also the security of the fireblocks for the thorchain layer would add even more benefit. 

Now there is another protocol named maya which I would cover some other day as it would require different post. Hive's one of the llayer 2 token named LEO is using that and they are swapping Hive and other assets on thorchain. So this looks like a good direction for the token development and the DEX that is working out. 

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