Farm Planet - 3D Metaverse Crypto Farm NFT Game

Farm Planet - 3D Metaverse Crypto Farm NFT Game

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 24 Nov 2021

Metaverse ecosystems are coming out every month. These ecosystem happen to have the gaming component in them too. Some of the non-land specific game metaverse are pretty much loaded with NFT items every step of the way. Farm planet is one such presale phase crypto metaverse that you may want to keep an eye on. 



How does the Farm Planet work?

Farm planet is on the Binanace Smart Chain. So you can rest assured that you would not be burning much on the transaction fees. And also the overall minting would be profitable compared to the Ethereum based crypto games. 

The game has two modes - PVe and PVP. These modes allow you to make the most of the activities in the game. The game seems to have limited supply of the objects found within the game because that way they want to make the NFTs a scarce item. And so the price is going to happen as the time goes ahead. 

It's too early as in it's in presale mode. You have some time before you can get into the game and earn from the activities in it. Also it's hard to say if the game is going to be cheaper to get into or if it would offer the free entry for the players. Considering the scarce resources it seems like game would have some barrier for entry. 

You can check out the game here: Farm Planet

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