Eternal Paradox - 2nd Playtest

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 10 Jun 2023

I remember posting about the 1st playtest of the 4X RPG game named as "Eternal Paradox". This game turned out to be pretty cool and also a lot of positive reviews of the game so far.You would find that this game would give you an experience of strategy and the battle of RPG game.Something a lot of RPG players would appreciate as it's one of the unique game in the blockchain space.

This playtest would be running upto 27th June of this month. You would have enough time to playtest variety of new updates that are out for the game.

As you can see the playtest is out on the apple's TestFlight and the Android Apk too. So you may be downloading this for the short time because the final release is not out yet. So that would be short term play but it's well worth the download and also it is something we would have to play till the final release announcement.

Gala and the game dev team behind the game has been working hard. And the way things are going on for the game, it feels like there would be strong NFTs and the rewards coming out soon enough.

You can check out - Eternal Paradox.

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