Ember Entertainment sold to Gala Games

By Novasky | DevPress | 17 Jan 2023

Remember "The Walking Dead Empires?" and the zombie games like "Survival Z" and "Empire Z"? If you have played any of these games then you must have downloaded the mobile product of the Ember Entertainment. That company worked with Gala games for their blockchain games in the past. But recently the game company got acquired by the Gala Games.

Now the Ember Entertainment's entire portfolio is meant to be ported over to the Gala Games. And that means the Gala's blockchain - GYRI is going to be hosting the transactions of these games. And it would become yet another busy game dev chain.

What does this mean for the gamers? It means the games of Ember entertainment continue to exist but on Gala network. And you would have play to earn on their mobile based games too. So this is a move where the Gala games get it's hands on the mobile game based portfolio. And that is a good thing for those who hold the Gala token.

I am sure if this get booming, then in 1 year you would be able to sell your Gala at a good price. I am sure like AXIE you would be seeing some good stories on how the game players have managed to buy home or got married purely from playing the game and earning crypto token. I know the grind is real and does not make the journey easy, it's hard but it's something to look for.

What does this mean for the GALA token? Expect more transaction fees if the network gets booming. And also that means more players would increase the demand. And that would also means GALA token would affect the NFT prices in the gala marketplace of various internal games. Which is something a good direction for the game players and developers at the same time.

Last week I also posted about their update on the Townstar game, which is growing in popularity that would be making use of the GALA token too.

It's going to be some interesting times ahead for the GALA games.

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