Elrond Mafia Releases Project Red in Public Roadmap

By Novasky | DevPress | 2 Feb 2023

Previously I posted about the Elron Mafia and their NFTs and the PFP mode. I made sure to add some of the good changes in the project and the overall roadmap. I found out that they are releasing many update since last 2 weeks. So one more update is about the Project Red.

So what is Project Red? It is like an hub where you are going to find the PVP matches and the singular place for the game. It includes mini game, play to earn features and the NFTs in this project.

Project Red launched on 27th Jan. And also the project has it's own token - ELGD token. The initial investment and churn for the game would be costing you around 90 USD. And if you are into the NFT market where you buy and hold them for the future sales, you'd find the Project Red worth invest-able in that case.

You can check the trailer of the Project Red.

You earn the ELGD tokens as you play the game. As of now the game is available on the PC. And I am sure the game would be soon going to be available on the app too. But that is something they would be going ahead with the roadmap, which I am sure we may see in the updates soon.

For those gamers who are into the FPS games and you'd love the Elrond Mafia ecosystem. I am sure the Project Red is going to impress some of the gamers who like such fast adventure.

You can check out the Project Red.

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