Elixir Launcher gets Gala Games!

By Novasky | DevPress | 12 Aug 2023

Elixir launcher is one of those gaming marketplaces where new gamers and the publishing houses are putting their titles that come under the blockchain space. And it has managed to reach a lot of interesting games and the developers. Also if you notice they seem to have got attention of some good chains and the publishing houses who are moving their titles here.

Currently Elixir studios has mentioned that they have partnered with the gala games and the two most popular games from the gala studios are included in the elixir launcher.

Two of those games are - Townstar and Spider Tanks.

Elixir is also going to run a  gala games node in their ecosystem in order to support the Gala games. And hopefully that would bring the enough support while they host the titles for the Gala. There will also be platform specific rewards tied in as the collaboration includes that part too.

As the gala games is already on the EPIC launcher and the GOG you would find one more marketplace where the gala games have managed to reach for the games and the rewards integrated on the platform.

If you want to know What is Elixir,then take a look at the tweet below.

This is a good news for those who hold the gala token and wish to invest into this ecosystem and then later sell and exit. This would be a good news for them as the price improves.


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