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By Novasky | DevPress | 16 Apr 2024

Oil is reducing in it's numbers. And so middle east needs different forms of the revenues in order to stay relevant. So now middle east is getting into the tech and trying to compete with China and Western powers like US, UK. However it seems like they are more controlled regulated and also innovative in their approach towards the tech. And they are hosting the tech specific conferences, parties and the money is coming out of splashing of funds by VCs, rich and the companies out for influence. 

Here's one such event named Dubai blockchain Life. It is from 15 to 17 of this month. Today is after party day for them. And it seems like some really good speeches too.

What do we get out of such events? You would learn about new products, services and the investments happening in the blockchain space. Like say web3 based speeches explained what is coming and the type of the products that are coming into the market. So really good amount of the services we are about to see in upcoming times. 

Such events push the blockchain progress further. And also as the investments and the consumers look at such events like where the world is going and how the events are pushing and shaping the economy in that market. So it'd be reasonable to see such events helping our market. I wish I could attend some of such events and live to see the Dubai one day. Maybe if god has will I can visit Dubai and visit such places some day. 

Have you attended any such blockchain conferences?

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