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Driving and Transport Data on Blockchain

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 11 Aug 2022

I recently took the driving test. I realized that the govt. who conducted these tests under their department has now kept that data on blockchain. So in near future If they want to see my history with their department, they can simply fetch it based on the application number along with the license data. And that would show them everything related to my activity with their department. Sounds good right? Yes and No.

So let's talk about No first. Because it's simple and sweet. It's too much data open in the hands of the clerks who work in such department and they if choose to sell such data to private investigators, or anyone who wish to have background check on me that could be bad. In short it's invasion of privacy. And such data should be encrypted and certain aspects of it should require police rights before they can scrutinize anyone's history with any govt department. 

Now let's talk about Driving and Transport Data on Blockchain.

Drivers Data

Let's say you first registered with Driving department of the govt, then you get the numbers associated with your identity and that can further link your progress with the department. Your learning license, your permanent license for 2 years and then finally your total historic data on the license, address and other data that is specific to you.

Such data on blockchain can be a good thing. Each edit and change of such data should be on blockchain and any govt person who modifies it should get it's name appended too. So this way the data tampering can be protected or any other form of both govt and non govt intervention can be managed as well. So the divers data in that context is worth to be on the blockchain of such govt. department.

Vehicle and Transport Data

Imagine the situation where you register a vehicle and later sell it off to another person. Imagine a situation where you move from one city to another or even change the state? In that case any such move made should be in one centralized database. And such data should be on blockchain so the last buyer and seller both data for the vehicle should be registered.

This way you can keep track of who owns the vehicles. Any issues and the payments, insurance etc should be easy to register and locate to the account. This can be a good option for those who want the international driving permit or even for those who are going to be official driver for the cab, govt vehicle and others. So such data on blockchain can solve a lot of chaotic data related issues with paper.

Accident and other Critical Data

You want to make a claim out of the accident, but you don't have that registered with the govt authority? In that case having the data with the blockchain and then claiming the insurance can be a good thing. You can also register the vehicle and keep track of the violations made by you in the life with that vehicle and based on that you can get the charges and then settlement.

Each of such data can be a good indications of the history of the driver with the roads and the govt department. We don't know what we can do with this data in an open manner but it'd be good to have such data in an encrypted manner. It can solve a lot of critical problems. We do need human factors too because we don't want to punish people like robots. So more on that some other day.

Driving and Transport data is very critical in the govt and state affairs and making use of the blockchain for such activity can be a good thing. You can solve a lot of local issues without wasting too much manpower on such data. It can also save a lot of data specific issues in your life in general.

What do you think, do you see value of blockchain in this space?

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