ChainLink Partners with Protocol Labs for Supporting Tech Startups

By Novasky | DevPress | 1 Feb 2024

When you want your blockchain to grow and have a use case, you have to be more open towards the tech startups that can do that for you. A lot of blockchain projects are putting up hackathons and the growth ecosystem projects for supporting each other in the tech space. Chainlink has managed to create a program called BUILD. This program supports the tech startups for this type of the growth on the chainlink. 

Recently ChainLink partners with Protocol Labs for supporting startups to grow and build on their chain. So this partnership would help fund such startup. And they made a tweet about this. 


ChainLink Build Program

Chainlink has setup this build program where they are offering variety of acceleration services that builds the blockchain. There are plenty of features being offered in the chainlink build program and they do things that helps the chain. 

  • This program intends to help the talent section and support for the chosen participants. 
  • There will be workshops and partner sessions. 
  • Tech support in the spaces like IPFS, Filecoin, FVM, libp2p, IPC & more. 
  • Projects in following tech spaces gets preference: Web3, AI, AR, VR, BCI, hardware, and more.
  • Cloud credits for storage, compute and resources would be offered initially. 

There are more than 600 startups are working out with them. And they are building on this program. Which means for teams with limited funds but long term execution benefits from this type of the program. You can check out the program, apply here

Protocol labs is one of the data infrastructure out there that has been building the blockchain infrastructure projects. So something like this company would definitely help the new tech startups that wish to build on the chainlink or any blockchain for that matter. It would be a good growth and things would surely improve. This would be good for many dApp and web3 projects. 


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