Catalyst Token Airdrop from the Sandbox

By Novasky | DevPress | 28 Dec 2023

Sandbox is one of those metaverses on the internet which are early. And they are trying really hard to sustain. So they are coming up with variety of new things like land, catalyst and many other in game tokens and the NFTs. So this would be making and bringing some revenue to the table. And that would help build their revenue which would keep the ecosystem sustainable.

So recently Catalyst token in process of the airdrop and it would be usable for the users in the Sandbox. 

So what are catalysts and why should you care?

Catalysts are the digital assets in the Sandbox ecosystem and metaverse. These are ERC-1155 tokens which you can trade outside the sandbox too. So your wallet outside would be allowed to hold that asset and they can be traded into the 3rd party. Some of those assets can also be lend and there would be some pricing that you would be getting that is not specific to the control of the metaverse here. 

If you happen to own the LAND token in the Sandbox would be getting the catalyst token too. Some of those tokens would be easily traded once other events related to the catalyst takes off. Some good amount of the changes are about to happen. And there would be some value generation will happen for the game if everything is in motion. 


Creators can also request the free distribution of these tokens which would boost both the creators and also the game itself. But all of this would take a bit of time since the event of 14th dec and even this would go on. There is a form to fill out for those creators who wish to get into the CATALYST token distribution.

You can check out the Sandbox Project here.

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