BVNK Stablecoin Platform Includes SWIFT Payments

By Novasky | DevPress | 15 Jun 2024

World needs a platform for handling the crypto over the international platform. SWIFT and IBAN are fighting for that space for years. As they are already into the space for working with FIAT based coins. And they are now trying to work with the crypto platforms who are working in space of dealing with the payments and the processing of funds.

SWIFT has invested into the blockchain and the international payment gateways already. And they are also in for the regulation in each country level. So getting into the stablecoin business is natural move for them. 

BVNK is a platform that deals with the crypto stablecoin movement of funds. Now they are working with the SWIFT to do this and this would mean SWIFT has a partnership that would be working on global terms with banks. 

SWIFT being the leader in the space of the payment gateway and the banks. It would be interesting to see how the SWIFT would be working in the crypto space for sending the stablecoins. I feel they being in finance space for years, they would be making case against many top gateways for the payments. SWIFT can definitely be benefiting from the crypto partners in this space.


Currently it is working with PYUSD, USDT, USDC and few other stablecoins from other chains. And they are working with the USD, EUR and few coins under the SWIFT banking platforms. So this would be a good start. And any exchange which works with them is likely to use it for the payment and the mass payments across the platform. 

You can check out the BVNK platform to learn more. 

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