Blankos, Brawl Party P2P Game

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 26 Nov 2022

Brawl games are kind of fun but not for all gamer types. Some new age gamers tend to like this genre. But many older gamers prefer not this type of game. PVP has included a lot of game genres and so they have this brawl concept too, which appears inside many other types.

I found Blankos purely by accident. I was browsing the twitter for some of the new games which accept Uphold payment system and happen to find this game in the process. It sounds like a good game which is open to all payment types for it's NFTs and in game items.

As you can see from their twitter accounts, you would be owning the NFT character. You have such NFTs hosted on Ethereum chain but you can use uphold to buy them with any currency of your choice. You buy them, upgrade them, improve your skills with them and grow your progress with them which kind of makes you strong on the marketplace if you happen to sell those character NFTs.

NFTs as I said previously are hosted on the Ethereum chain. You would be able to sell it on and off the game marketplace. Another thing is that you also earn the rewards from the PVP battles and the games that you play. Each of that would improve the character in the game too. Like most competitive brawl games this game too has pass system, regular seasonal rewards or something interesting on the NFT character side.

If you happen to like this game genre, you would find this game worth playing. I'd recommend for those gamers but for me it's not the type of genre I'd spend time on.

You can check out Blankos here.

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