Binance Launchpool Gets Crypto Gaming Platform - Portal

By Novasky | DevPress | 22 Feb 2024

Portal gaming platform has been getting into the news lately. And they have just got the launch on the Binance Pool. So you can expect random airdrops for holding your BNB. So like most of the airdrops and launch pool rewards, you get the chance to have those tokens. Binance has been bullish on the game based platforms and the tokens associated. 


You can expect this platform to have it's own set of the in game transactions and cross chain payments. Also if they go with the ZKEVM approach and have the low cost on the fees that is another update to look upto. I suppose staking would come up next and we would be able to see where things would work out with the gaming marketplace that opens up for indie and AAA games in the blockchain space. 

Portal wallet is one of the wallet that would be used for the web3 gaming. And this wallet would make it easier for the in and out of the funds and reduce the funds that are on the platform. And there is also companion app that would be for discovering new games. Connecting to the game internally and having the updates. Think of it like say STEAM like app and also there would be payment and the authentication use cases there too.

Layer 0 feature of this portal would make it easy for game to be on any chain. And this would make the chain be useful for the usage and the gameplay. It would be surely useful in the context of the transactions and also for the discoverability of new games. Most of the stablecoin pairs are there for the PORTAL token too so on binance it would be easier to sell and trade with this token. 

Don't expect this platform and marketplace to beat GALA, and the IMMUTABLE. Those two are outside the league of PORTAL. Binance or no binance, some marketplaces are more mature and have more people working on the games. So I don't have much hopes out of PORTAL. 

You can check out Portal Gaming

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