Axie gets Experience Points!

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 19 Jul 2023

Axie is adding new things every now and then. And that has kept the people around the ecosystem. So this time they are coming with the experience points. This is a good set which makes things easier for anyone who plays the game. This new experience set is called experience points. This would help with the game progression and the item upgrades in the game.

Axie experience points are included into the Axie Origins game and soon would be available in entire game ecosystem. These points are not static, like numbers stuck. You would be able to use them under the NFT item. You could improve and add to them. And it would add up improvement on chain which would come under ascension.

Each ranked battle would earn you the AXP. And that would be specific for the game and the NFT. These can't be transferred to another NFT item. Each of those items would be part of the upgrades. It is a good progress that happened with the Axie Experience points. We have to see where this goes for the NFTs and the chain items and the upgrades.

You can check out soon the NFTs which are part of the - Axie Experience Points!

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