Alien Avatars - Create Avatar NFT and Earn TLM Token!

By Novasky | DevPress | 4 Jul 2023

Alien Avatars sounds like a new concept in the world of the NFTs and the avatars. In that context in the past some of the really good avatar based NFTs were out. And they used to earn you a good minting price. Some of the avatar based NFTs in the past had the token system which would circulate things within the marketplace.

When the concept like these are good for the development of the metaverse, a lot of people prefer this model as it becomes sustainable. So it is important to make use of the user generated NFTs for the ecosystem. Same concept is being used here as well.

You can see that alien avatars have the template designer for you to try as well.


You have to login to create a template. You add the attributes, bring in the rarity, set the price and then sell the NFTs. You can specify the numbers. And if other people make use of your templates for designing your own avatar. That would be a good thing for the development of the NFTs and also earning the commission along the way.


You can also buy the card packs which contains items for creating the template and the avatar item. Like you pick the common pack or the rare pack that contains the items which would help you design the item.

So basically you are going to be buying the TLM token. You then use that for designing your own TLM based template. And then that template needs to be sold over to the site marketplace. This would make things easier for you to work with the sale of those NFT items as well.

That's it for now. You can go ahead and explore the alien avatars.

You can check out the Alien Avatars.

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