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In this post I am going to show you a very interesting app where you can earn crypto just for playing games on your mobile phone or on your computer. Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s find out.

What is Wombat App?

Wombat was first launched in 2019 by a team in Berlin, since then it has grown massively with over 1 million people using the app on a daily basis. The idea of the Wombat app is to create a Web 3 gaming metaverse where users can earn free crypto and NFTs from playing high quality games straight from their mobile phone.

The app is available worldwide and works on both iOS and Android, it is easy to set up and everything you need to do can be done on the app. I recommend signing up via your google account if you have one, this makes the process to sign up quick and easy. When you first get logged in, you will be asked which chains you would like to add, select EOS, Polygon and Wax (see pic below for chain icons). These are the only chains in the app you will need to use.


If you are into play-to-earn or just like to play mobile games to waste time and you want to earn some extra crypto then this is the perfect app for you. I have left my referral link for this platform below, using my link will give you 1 free NFT so keep watching to find out how to earn with Wombat App.

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How to Download Games

When you first log into Wombat you will land on this screen (see pic), this is the main dashboard and from here you can navigate to a whole load of different sections. There is quite a lot to go over and I will cover more in later videos but for the purpose of this video, I will just go over the basics of how the app works and how to get started with earning some crypto.


You can see here there is an icon called “Playground”, this is where you download all the games you want to play. Please note that you can’t download the games straight from the play store as Wombat needs to link the game to your account so they can pay you. So always make sure you click the game via the app. Another thing to note is that when you delete any games this unlinks them from your Wombat account and you can’t link them back again, so this is something to take into consideration if you decide to delete any games. Personally I just keep them all installed even if I don’t play them and I will explain why later on in this video. I will now go over how you get paid.

What are The Payout Options?

When you install and start playing games you will automatically get paid an in-game token called “Wombucks”, which is this token in gold, at the top of the screen. It has no market value and it can be used for a couple of things in the app. If I click on “Wombucks Palace” you will then see your available Wombucks at the top (see pic), and below you will see the weekly cashout which is usually set at a share of $1000 between all the members that join the pool. Payout can be in the form of BTC or EOS, it is paid into your in-game wallet every Friday around 12PM GMT. To join the pool with your Wombucks, click on “Join” and your Wombucks will be automatically put into the pool.


This section also tells you how much you will receive in EOS, how many people have joined the pool and how many Wombucks have been put in. Please keep in mind that when more people join and more Wombucks get put into the pool, your share will decrease, so to keep earning more EOS or BTC you need to keep earning more Wombucks.

6 Ways to Earn Wombucks

To get paid in Crypto, you first have to start earning Wombucks. There are 6 different ways to do this. 

The first one is by playing games, each game has different tasks to complete and you will then receive your Wombucks. For example, if I go to Upland and scroll down, you will see that you’ll receive 2000 Wombucks (see pic below) for signing up and more Wombucks just for playing. This is one of my favourite games to play and I will be covering this in my next post, as you can earn a lot of Wombucks just for playing this game. Each game has their own tasks and some even pay you just for opening the game, so have a look at all the games as there are a lot to choose from.


You can earn more Wombucks by completing 4 daily quests (see pic), on the main dashboard, scroll down a little bit and you will see “Daily Tasks”, this literally takes you 1 minute to complete all 4. 


Dungeon Master is a completely different platform to Wombat and I will explain this in another video, as it is just too much to go over in one go.

For the last daily quest you need to go to womplay.io, you can use your computer browser or your phone browser. This site is exactly the same as the Wombat app just in a browser format, they have some extra games you can play on your desktop, this is where I usually play Upland from. To complete the last quest scroll down to the bottom and find “Quick Play”, select any of the games from the list. You will probably have to watch an ad and then after you have played the game, you will receive 10 Wombucks for playing and 100 Wombucks for the daily quest which can be claimed by clicking on this scroll (see pic).


Loot Chests

You have already opened a silver chest from the daily quests on Wombat App. This can be done on the Wombat app or on womplay.io, for this example I am on womplay.io. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will see a Gold Chest next to the silver chest, to open this you need to have 50k Wombucks. This can contain a large number of Wombucks, Dollars and NFT’s which I will go over next. I personally keep my Wombucks and open the Gold chest rather than joining the pool, there is a chance that you can earn up to $25 in one chest.



I am not going to go into a lot of detail about NFT’s on Wombat, however some games and the Gold chest will award you with NFT’s. You are able to buy and sell ALL NFT’s in the marketplace which can be found on the Wombat App. You are also able to stake your NFT’s in Dungeon Master, which is what I do and this is another way to earn more crypto.

Tier Staking

You can earn even more Wombucks by staking the token “WOMBAT”. This is a tradable token which you can see here on Coinmarketcap (see pic).


Each Tier has its own benefits and as you stake more WOMBAT these benefits increase quite a lot, so long term you could potentially make quite a lot of Wombucks and then turn that into cryptocurrency.


Quests & Challenges

Going back to Wombat App, if you scroll down to “Play & Earn” you will see 2 tabs, Quests and Challenges. The quests are tasks you complete from playing certain games and in return you will receive an NFT.


Challenges are a bit different, keep an eye on this daily as new ones appear all the time. An example of some challenges could be, buy property in upland OR play a game for the longest time and get on the leaderboard. This is why you don’t delete your games as any game could appear in the challenge. When you get onto the leaderboard and the challenge ends, you will receive EOS or BTC an hour later straight into your Wombat wallet.


Hopefully this post has helped you understand how Wombat App works and if it is the right app for you to earn extra crypto when it comes to playing games. If you have any questions then please comment below and I will reply back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like this post and follow my Blog. I appreciate all the support I receive and look forward to seeing you in my next post. I have also left a link to my YouTube Channel below, so feel free to subscribe as I cover a lot of different platforms and apps to earn extra crypto online.

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