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Earnings report - April 2022

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 3 May 2022

This month summary from earnings for April coming delayed. Holidays and getting free time from crypto market is important for your mental health.

I encourage you to make your own such journal from the road (so you can get back to it when time of finance independent come). Metrics are important. 
Will you join me in my journey?

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To help with communication I've made discord server for everyone interested in crypto earnings :) Link at the end of this article if you are interested in :)

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

Total earnings: 0.00000476 BTC 

Total: 0.00000476 BTC

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)


  • 0.0002962 BTC 
  • 11.97 DOGE
  • 0.000048 ETH
  • 1.79 RLT 
  • 0.000117 BNB
  • 2.40 MATIC
  • 0.067919 SOL


  • 1.2753 RLT
  • 0.0000062 BTC
  • 0.371 DOGE
  • 0.000047 ETH
  • 0.000096 BNB
  • 1.46603 MATIC
  • 0 SOL

📰 Torum 📰

(register using link above and get 7.5 XTM after you reach 100 energy doing missions)

Earnings from free missions:

  • 39.69 XTM


April 2022 view stats 1,511

In total (including affiliate earnings):

  • Ampleforth 0.3848 AMPL
  • STA  7.9640 STA 

April 2022 earnings summary


  • Ampleforth 0.0225 AMPL
  • STA 0.3017 STA

April 2022 affiliate earnings summary


I've spend 30 days on doing everyday tasks without surveys or offers of any kind (just watching ads and video ads).

20,232 coins earned here (it's equal to ~$2.232 worth of BTCDOGE, DASH or LTC).
Pretty nice considered that I didn't spend more than 20 minutes a day on it.

Small steps to accumulate 1 mln coins


17 claims gave 0.00001700 BTC which I can spend on banner advertisements only.

🤑Extra income🤑

0.03 ETH - From Defi on Arbitrum chain in 30 days of staking tokens

3.1412 esGMX -From Defi on Arbitrum chain in 30 days of staking tokens

0.8761 GMX - From Defi on Arbitrum chain in 27 days of vesting tokens

0.446 CAKE - From Defi on BSC chain - in ~30 days staking tokens.

2.291 GMT - From Defi BSC chain - in 30 days of staking tokens.

55.018 ERA - FROM Defi on BSC chain - in 30 days of staking tokens.

0.103 LUNA,  4.569 UST - From staking LUNA on Terra blockchain - ~30days staking ~27 LUNA.

0.847832 MIR  - From farming MIR on mDOT-UST LP  pair for ~24 days.

3.5 KNG - From staking KNG on - ~30 days staking ~184 KNG (auto-compound mechanism is on)

830.39 BANANO ($10.14) - From minning in time when my GPU is unused :)

I have multiple stakings more but cannot follow how much they pay in monthly basis unfortunately :( It might be few bucks a month multiplied by 20-30 places but as I mentioned unable to calculate so it's not included in here.

🥳Buyback CHAR🥳

I've made promise that will buyback CHAR's (my personal token) from the market

On March done multiple buybacks and below numbers:


  • Buyback 0.00010000 CHAR
  • Total value: 0 ETH

In progress:

  • Amount in orders: 958.222278 CHAR
  • Price per single token: 0.00000855 ETH
  • Total value of open orders: 0.00819280 ETH


This month I was not so active in crypto space. I'm pretty sure that this might be last of my reports (since statistics shows no body interested in it as much as my instructions to using different protocol/bridges)

  • BTC 0.000348
  • ETH 0.03
  • MATIC 2.4
  • AMPL 0.3848
  • STA 7.9640
  • CAKE 0.446
  • KNG 3.5
  • XTM 39.69
  • ERA 55.018
  • GMT 2.291
  • LUNA 0.103
  • UST 4.569
  • BANANO 830.39 ($10.14)

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