September 2023 - earnings report

2023 September - Earnings report

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 30 Sep 2023

September is almost over and it's time to for summary what happened in past month. First time since 2 years I lost more than earned (probably my haters will be glad to hear that).

followers counter september 2023 - 149

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

My main computer where browser was working on crushed (I mean disk with operating system crashed and so there is no way to get this number). I'm waiting for new disk to configure it again. I can only estimate that I've earned something between: 0.000005 and 0.00001 BTC.

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)

This month I've made:

  • 0.00007 BTC 
  • 1.27 RLT
  • 13.22 DOGE

Earnings of BTC dropping since I have much less time to earn 90 points a day to buy recharge of electricity (it can be earned by winning 2x10 specific games for every single games, it's too much for me ATM)


views stats september 2023 - 1,217

In total (including affiliate earnings):

  • Ampleforth 0.2696
  • ETH 0.00019993
  • SPOT 0

publish0x september 2023 - earnings stats


  • Ampleforth 0.0502
  • ETH  0.00003321
  • SPOT 0

publish0x affiliates stats september 2023

Articles written in June:


I no longer use it actively so there is only 5% APY from what earned so far (paid weekly). So it gives 125 coins per week. And some of my refs are using it and generate between 50 to 100 coins per day.

🤑Extra income🤑

0.0066 ETH - From Defi on Arbitrum chain in 30 days of staking tokens (I moved all my GLP to 3 GMX V2 Liquidity Pools and there is no simple method to see how much it earned)

0.41 CAKE - From providing liquidity pool for CAKE-BNB - 30 days staking

1 DAI - From staking GNS tokens on Arbitrum - 30 days staking

-0.2 ETH - It was liquidated since I've opened long position on GMX with x50 leverage and price of ETH dropped under liquidation price twice. Not pleasure event it's all I can say.

🥳Buyback CHAR🥳

There is absolutely no one interested in my personal token ATM so this part of summary will be gone since next report.
I would like to say thank you to all people that decided to buy my tokens in past it gave me courage to continue my work.
Unfortunately there is not much I can do right now.

If you are holding CHAR on Ethereum wallet write to me so I can provide you cheaper alternative in future. (I will be checking ownership by signing message with HODL-er wallet)


So if I've time I will give you estimates in $$ for biggest positions in my earnings.

  • BTC 0.00007 ()
  • ETH -0.1934 (~$-324)
  • CAKE 0.41
  • DAI 1
  • DOGE 13

As always, thank you for reading!

If you need any help with understanding web3 related stuff let me know in comment :)

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