2021 earnings summary

2021 Summary of earnings

By Harry89PL | cryptoearner | 7 Jan 2022

Beginning of the year is a good occasion to make summary of last year :)

In this article I'll sum up 2021 and how much I was able to earn using apps. Let start that :)

💰Cryptotab browser mining💰

Yearly passive income in 2021: 0.00050451 BTC (~$21.79)

Total: 0.00050451 BTC(~$21.79)

🤖Rollercoin 🤖

(register using link above and get 0.00001 BTC in the beginning)

Earnings here was generated from playing games and investment/reinvestments done prior 2021:

  • BTC 0.00505944 (~$219)
  • ETH 0.012369 (~$42)
  • RLT 86 (~$86)
  • BNB 0.039815 (~$19)
  • MATIC 1.932045 (~$5.04)
  • DOGE 1,165 (~$183)


75 new users decided to join my journey :) - (but still majority of earnings was done by myself)

Total: ~$554

📰 Torum 📰

In 2021 I've managed to earn 124.94 XTM (~$79) from doing missions (between 26th September and 31th December).

Followers counts: 67

Total: ~$79


It was fun to learn about building affiliates and writing articles readed by few thousands people (most read article got almost 27 000 views :) ). I still don't know why people don't decide to tip, like or comment. Maybe I'm bad in building engagement dunno.

  • AMPL 15.80 (~$12)
  • iFARM 0.04  (~$8)
  • FARM 0.11  (~$17)
  • ETH 0.00325399  (~$11)

Followers counts: 71

Total: ~$48


For entire year I was able to earn there about 1,500,000 coins which are valued to something around $150. But I've spend almost all of it for ads which generated passive income in other places. (All of earned coins was done by doing surveys, watching ads, clicking PTC ads and playing games on my phone).

Total: ~$150


In 2021 made 218 claims and got 0.000351 BTC worth in $$ doesn't matter because I can spend it only to buy ads on the page itself (by the way I bought few and it got me almost 20 refs for different apps :)

Example of how many view it could possible get you of single campaing runned for 3 days:

mellow example stats in single campaing

Total: value of ads depends on graphics and content

🤑Extra income🤑

  • ETH 3.26 (~$10,559)
  • BNB 0.51 (~$168)
  • CAKE 13.61 (~$212)
  • LUNA 0.29 (~$25)
  • KNG 22 (~$176) 
  • Airdrops (~$11,689)
Total: ~$22,829


It was great year for me to make such a great numbers. I'm hoping 2022 will be similar or even better to pasted one.

If that article inspired you to make a move to your financial freedom - make sure to follow me to not miss any article :)

I've big plans for this year will see if they came true :)








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