Crypto People Review: The Miners

By CryptOdyssey | CryptOdyssey2Satoshis | 17 Feb 2022

Get curious and you will find them. Dig deeper and you know them. Spend some time with them and you become them.

I want to keep this one short and sweet. The miners vs the broader crypto world are of a single feather and so there's a lot less villainy, they're all heroes in my book. Also, considering the approximate 2/3rds dominance of Bitcoin an Ethereum of the crypto market you also have them to thank for maintaining the network and giving you crypto to buy.

I don't want to talk too much about mining itself as it's a big topic with its own contentions and opinions vary. Don't want to list them in any particular order but list them for their relative specialties or strengths. These are just the miners that I've watched and followed closely, there are numerous others. One thing I'll add, there seems to be a pretty solid youtube mining community, you will often see them interviewing each other or cohosting episodes or watching each others channels, and the word is that a lot of them get along and help each other out, which is pretty cool to see and be a small part of.


Red Panda

Red Panda Mining - YouTube

Red Panda is easily the the most rounded channel and probably a good place to start this or start your venture into mining. Fun, light, and informative, and he's a Canadian so he's just exceptionally nice and accommodating, very warm community, but I have to say that seems to be the norm for all these guys. For entry level folks he seems like a big miner, filling a basement and a shed does seem like a lot, but he's still a home miner. Go check him out and brush off the layer of crypto dust mystique surrounding this interesting life calling somewhere between hobby, investor, and engineer.


Red Fox


Let's give you a 2 for 1 on the Reds. Red Fox is a little newer, perhaps only getting into mining in the last year or two, but he's a solid casual channel just talking the trade and sharing tips and tricks. He has some easy tutorials, but seems to have a lot of focus around weekly casual hangouts, though he does come in with relevant updates to things mining related. For a smooth and warm finish and feeling like his Sunday night whiskeys, tune in to Fox's basement for a drink and some mining knowledge.


Bits Be Trippin


I haven't watched Bits the most, but that I've seen he's probably the most info oriented channel. He took the trouble to make spreadsheets and breaking down months long estimates of what the Eth 2.0 transition might look like for gpu miners. As far as I know he's a veteran and been at it a good while and appears to be exceedingly knowledgeable about all matters hardware related and on some of the more technical aspects that can emerge from mining. I presume he's a business man with this and I think runs a small professional mining farm. Definitely one to check out if you have a need for more technical approach to mining, and for that he appears to be a defacto leader in the youtube mining community.


Chump Change


Another defacto leader in this little youtube mining corner of the world, Chump Change as far as I know has also been at it a little while and I've heard at least a couple others credit him with creating one of the first youtube mining communities. Don't now how far that all goes back but he's an important infuencer and touchstone for the community. Well rounded and informative channel, what he's achieved is down right impressive. And I've witnessed myself this past year him being ahead of the curve. Go get your mind blown and watch him heat his house with crypto.


Hobbyest Miner


For a slightly different take on mining, Rabid's a little bit more focused on CPU mining than most others. Pretty interesting space he's got going. I really enjoy his strait talking and almost unexpected persona for the space. Can definitely learn a thing or two with Rabid in usually a quick, informative, and sometimes funny, no nonsense format. Another cool Canadian!


Brandon Coin

brandon coin | CoinMarketBag

For the blue collar workin' man's crypto mining you got Brandon. He's strait talking, good for laughs, and very knowledgeable, I just all around enjoy his channel. He's also into cars, and he's yet another all around really nice dude.


Son of a Tech

Son of a Tech - YouTube

Coming at us from Texas (where I spent a long time), I've probably watched SOAT more than most. He's very prolific with his content and has somewhat recently gotten into doing an almost daily morning show. His channel format appears to have changed but that's okay. He used to do more like breakdowns and updates and there's a ton of older content for that, lately he's doing more of a crypto and mining news format and seems to be enjoying that. He's also in the process of expanding his home mining into a more formal business warehouse type setting. He's indispensable on info and news and he's pretty damn funny, with the occasional grievance, but I think he's doing a lot of good work for the community.


Seb's Fintech

Sebs FinTech Channel - YouTube

Seb's  yet another super nice and informative guy with a great channel. He will go into deep dives and pull up spread sheets, explore all the gear and algorithms, and he's a prolific creator covering tons of topics.


There's a handful of others I've watched but I just havent watched them enough. I took a big bite out of mining myself and got my head into the space and I'm feeling pretty good and I haven't as prolifically researched it in a few months now. Hobbyest Miner is one I wanted to mention. He was probably the first ever channel I pulled up. All around  solid home miner exploring all this with everyone else, I really love his almost makeshift set up, shows what's possible with some creativity and time.

Vosk Coin, I watched him a lot at first, and as informative and entertaining as he can be,  if all the others you'd love to have on a round table and drink some beers with, Vosk would make you want to leave. He's just kind of a jerk, and sadly just seems grotesquely ignorant on some pretty important things in life. He seems to get a lot of hate for that and doesn't seem to realize why, he just thinks everyone is out there to get him when in reality he brings that out in people. He spends way too much time on his channel simplistically blaming everything on politics and whining about what he perceives to be whining, and taking for granted all the opportunities afforded to him in his life, especially through his success with crypto mining. He's the sort of guy you love to hate, either a really terrible or all too good representative of the state of Arkansas, but otherwise a pretty solid and entertaining youtube channel if you like being poked and prodded into a bad mood.

Tons and tons of more out there, I just don't have time to watch them all, sadly. And its all more or less the same information sloshing around. The info might bring you, but their personalities and formats, and getting excited about mining are what keep you.


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