Crypto People Review: The Analysts and the Fundamentalists

By CryptOdyssey | CryptOdyssey2Satoshis | 12 Feb 2022

Mostly good news here compared to what inspired the last deeper dive on  Mr. Breedlove . Most crypto people are intelligent idealists and crypto optimists and generally steer clear of the deeper philosophies, politics, or discredited economics opinions out there. I don't blame them as it's an easy way to get into negativity and in over one's head for areas of academia with progressively more difficult reading comprehension requirements. We're all stupid and miss the mark in a way, but it's important to be open to as much as possible so we even have a chance to learn the errors in our own ways, and find out as much as possible about the errors in others ways. I don't personally have many cons to list for the pros on these, so I'll just list the people and orgs that I know of and shill them as at least useful, and more often than not entertaining too. Hopefully I don't miss anyone that's influenced me, most of what I've learned has been from this crew.


Ben Cowen

While I didn't want to make the list in any order, I will start with the top. Technical analysis and overall crypto guru Ben Cowen, you can find his youtube here, and like most he's also got twitter and I think telegram, and maybe a discord group. You've probably seen him, if not you should. One of if not the most rational voices out there for crypto, imo, and he's very active posting informative videos almost every day as we all navigate the markets together. Big fan, and I'm glad he's out there, he's a giant and a saint doing the good-lord Satoshi's work, illuminating the way.

He gives deep technical insights, covers everything imaginable like fundamentals and crypto history, and most recently he's getting into on-chain analysis. Most importantly buffers the seemingly endless moon shilling with sober realism, "it could go down from here." He also runs or participates in a revolving bi-weekly on Saturdays with two other luminaries, James of Invest Answers and Rob of Digital Asset News. Ben's a badass and should be part of your crypto info diet, if I could recommend one channel it's Ben's.

Benjamin Cowen's Into The Cryptoverse & Deflationary Coins | by rouse |  Medium



The TechLead

Why Bitcoin is Going to ZERO - The HIDDEN THREAT to Cryptocurrency. -  YouTube

I found TechLead's youtube relatively recently when I was looking around for blockchain related programming stuff, and was thoroughly surprised, probably watched him for 2 weeks strait. He runs a programming bootcamp, a tech business hiring guide, a trading group, has launched multiple products and websites himself, worked for google, facebook, and others, and even launched his own crypto. And that's before he's even gotten started.

He's quite honestly a giant and he's probably not going to stop where he's at either. He's no bullshit with some serious dead pan sarcasm, probably the funniest guy on this list, and has deep technical knowledge and insight into all things technology, and for that his view into crypto is indispensable. He can show you things that others can't because he can write programs to do on chain analysis for him, or pull up the code on a given protocol and tell you THE reasons why the fundamentals are bad.

He's also got some contrarian views regarding crypto, markets, and life in general, as cynical and jaded as he can be at least he's real and honest and knowledgeable. For those insightful and relatable positives, he seems to lack some compassion and understanding for most of us lesser humans, perhaps rightfully so, would probably admit and be proud of the fact that he's elitist and kind of an asshole, but as his success and apparent ego might dictate, he'd probably say he deserves to be. That said you'll probably learn more from him with crypto and beyond probably than most of this list combined, he's truly a wizard, and maybe we should feel humbled and maybe fear him a little bit.

Edit: I've found myself too much at odds with Tech and I almost want to redact him from this. He's successful enough as is without spreading his vitriol and sardonicism and synicism. He might be a crypto hero, but he's playing the role of a villain a little too much. You can be the smartest person in the world but you can still be ignorant about things and a complete ahole. After getting to know him a bit - if his persona on his channels are even real - it's pretty obvious why he was divorced. Not that everyone deserves to be left on their ass alone with their dragon horde of money, but sometimes maybe it's deserved.


The Late Adopter

The Late Adopter (@TLA_Crypto) / TwitterThe Late Adopter YouTube Channel Analytics and Report - Powered by  NoxInfluencer Mobile

I don't now his name, but he's known in his small circle as The Late Adopter (as are most of us). He's an everyman with a young family and he loves crypto and TA (don't most of enjoy some good TA). For us Westerners, he's on pretty late, approximately 2AM EST or 10PM PST, as he's in, of all places, Norway, he usually keeps pretty regular with his updates and schedule. He also pops into lives streams when he can for crisis dumps or optimistic rallies. Unfortunately lately he's not been as active, he must be busy with real life. But you can find his stream youtube here, and he's also as active on Twitter.

I can't say much else about him as he keeps pretty close on topic most of the time. Strait shooter, strait talker, charts and numbers, runs a tight ship and takes an overall look at things besides bitcoin upon requests and engages with his audience. I have to say, I think I probably learned most of my entry level TA chops from him as he takes the time to explain things, purely TA, very little in the way of fundamentals, for better or worse. Probably the biggest thing though is his charisma. He's a former-Yugoslavian born, very jovial and excitable, and very passionate about trading crypto and sharing his analysis. Hearing his rants and isms in his accent is probably the funniest thing you're going to hear in crypto TA, I've died of laughter numerous times.

One important point I'd like to make, he does it jokingly and with some reverence for it being hocus pocus, but he sometimes does "moon analysis." Say  what you will, but there could be something to it. To my understanding trading view has this feature in it, you can put the moon cycles on the charts. He deserves a lot of credit for predicting the Dec. 4th dump with the moon by a month or more, he knew it was coming and he covered it live. The dump was within 90 minutes of the start of the full lunar eclipse across mostly unpopulated Southern hemisphere (for real, it was mostly across Antarctica and ocean). Call it coincidence if you want, but when coincidence is predictable, hopefully you're paying attention (and I can tell you a thing or two about psychology and astrology...). Unfortunately, I can't say his predictions are all accurate, but that proved right for most of the crypto market these past months, taking down giants like Plan B... maybe I'll cover Plan B, or maybe I shouldn't have to. I don't follow him closely anyway.



Cryptoface seems to have his reputation precede him. He sort of sounds and sort of is exactly like you might expect him to be. He's my most recent addition to my routine in the last months, and I've fallen in love with his no bullshit; walk away with the money approach, as I've discovered the hard way that most crypto youtubers are investors, not traders. Mr. Face is probably the most active and most popular trader, and he apparently touts a world record live trade of $2m profit. No bullshit, no frills, just strait charts and some banter, but he seems to reserve his educational material and philosophies for his private trading group, most do. I thought he was abrasive at first and hard to stomach, maybe he is, but it's not without reason, and it's grown on me. He went on a solid rant the other day that made a lot of sense. Someone was whining for him to do a live stream, and he tore into that. Paraphrasing,

"I don't sit here looking at the charts all day. I have other things to do, I have a life, I've got businesses, my girlfriend, people up my ass about this or that. You don't tell me what to do, I stream when I want to, as a favor for you, and for your entertainment. If I were you and had a multi-multi-multi-multi million dollar person sharing their information and techniques for free, I'd be grateful and shut up." He goes on to share some more valuable and all too real wisdom as some try to interrupt him with more whining, "NO! Look. Don't be like these whiners and pencil necks. Most people are stupid, you have to understand that. The world is run by stupid people because of this. You don't have to be stupid, you can run with me. I love most of you, you come in here and don't bullshit an whine, and we take care of business together. Now let's watch this stupid chart for opportunities that come to us."

Check out Cryptoface if you're ready for the unapologetically real, darker, grittier, riskier and more rewarding side of crypto and really learn the art of chart analysis like a drunken master having fever dreams and prophetic visions, you will never be ready for Cryptoface.


Guy @ Coinbuerau Coin Bureau : Guy the crypto guy: Audible Books & Originals

If you haven't come across Guy yet, where you been? He's hyperactive on youtube and twitter and you can find him very easily. One of the most popular fundamentalists and project analysts and crypto advocate voices out there, he's doing a lot of visionary work for the good-lord Satoshi, and even has enough of a following to pump coins (for better or worse). Guy, as much as he seems to also draw some hate for his positivity, optimism, and moonism, he's honest and relatable and not being snooty and elitist or too moony like some others. He's solid and probably one of the best sources of info on the finer points of projects and the finer points of finer points. He's also funny as hell and delivers some classic dry English wit and seems to start every episode with some sort of crypto youtuber disclaimer haiku, and sometimes dresses up and does skits, and his weekly crypto news videos are unrivaled.

Guy is where I started, we all have to start somewhere, coinbureau is bread and butter, if you only want one channel for info, he's probably my foremost recommendation. lately I've run out of things to learn with crypto and his deep dive videos tend to get a little long, that said, I need to make sure to go back and follow up on him some more. Strap up and go to the moon with coinbureau, and show his videos to your kids and grandparents, and your entry level friends, it's fun and crypto for the whole family.


Tyler S

Tyler S Crypto on Twitter: "Price isn't the only thing that pumps during  Pumptober am I right #BTC… "

Probably my favorite crypto entertainer, I watch all his notifications as they are short and sweet and make you feel dirty. He's a nice quick jolt and dose of almost daily crypto info and he'll tickle you where it feels good until it hurts.


Crypto Lifer

cryptolifers - YouTube

CryptoLifer will teach you things you need to know about crypto and about life. Like most of this list he's a crypto veteran and he's just sharing his journey and his knowledge. He will cover any and all projects in terms of analysis and some fundamentals for hours, taking seemingly any and all requests. He has a really beautiful life philosophy around honesty, perseverance, and giving back and he talks a lot about the virtues of real life and being real.

I was really touched to watch his Thanks Giving and Xmas streams, he's like the ultimate crypto dad, and literally calls crypto like a crypto sports announcer (which for myself at least gets a little old). But he's beyond solid and you can learn a lot, he's also got his private trading group and touts that they've made millions together. Make sure to check out his words of wisdom and gold on youtube and twitter.


James @ Invest Answers

InvestAnswers - YouTube

James, unfortunately I can't be 100% positive with, so I'll start w the bad news first. It's a bit of a love hate with James for me, he's a classically trained asset risk manager and what would today be considered a bit old school for that. He's been into bitcoin for a while but is still overall relatively new to crypto compared to other voices in this list. Combine these factors together and he comes off as snooty and elitist and a little paranoid. He carries some of the economic old (actually new school) baggage I have strong disagreements with, and occasionally doesn't know what he's talking about because of his risk manager asset point of view from traditional finance applied to crypto. If you're risk averse, honestly, what are you doing in crypto? Investing beyond the top 10 into the top 20 is scary to him haha. If all he's going to do is tell you to invest in the top stocks and top cryptos I don't see what the point of sharing his opinion is, it's like being an advanced beginner, smash buy on bitcoin and your work is done, off to the moon with you I guess.

I've honestly stopped listening to him because he drops these quips almost every episode, he, and apparently most people, think the federal reserve and government job is easy: they're supposed to prop up the stock market for maximum profits by making everyone else not involved with investing abysmally poor, by facilitating the conditions that allow the maximum number of people to die or outright be killed by poor fiscal policy and poor pandemic handling. He, like too many, is not a doctor, which for contrast, we're reminded every episode that even though he might be qualified to give financial advice in real life he's still not supposed to. Not that you need to be a doctor to be scientifically literate or have some compassion. James however does at least run a charity for animal rescue (and tax purposes, ooph, I'm on fire), but he doesn't approve of crypto charity and infrastructure being wasted on developing Africa (I think he's South African btw), we have to be sound with our Miltonian economics after all and treat those poors worse than we would animals because they haven't worked hard enough for themselves to deserve our compassion or economic development.

I know I've ripped him to shreds, and I'm sorry, but he ripped himself to shreds by not keeping up with the times or with crypto; or taking the time to research what it means to be a compassionate person; or the deeper things in life beneath all the pretty colors and charts and economics, such as WHY we exist in the first place and why it is the economy is supposed to serve us, not the other way around. Honestly I say it all out of a sense of betrayal because I like and respect the guy - I just don't respect some of his fundamental views on some important matters.

Criticisms aside, he's probably one of the most knowledgeable traditional market people in crypto, he has a deep knowledge of assets, markets, companies, risk management, investing, and has eagle eyes for fundamental analysis. If Cryptoface is your drunken master and shows you how to punch through sell walls with a flying chair and going for the throat, James is our zen master that will make you glow and hover with crypto energy, showing us to punch right and deliberately, albeit very slowly and methodically, to the moon.

Just be warned, while he might be appropriate for a serious, high value investor, he's so risk averse that, last I checked, he only owns 13 cryptos and was looking to get back down and only maintain 10. That leaves dozens if not hundreds of projects that he regards as useless altcoins (it's like he's never heard of an ecosystem). But if you want criticism of the fed no matter what they do, criticism of Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) no matter what he does, and criticism of every tech company, political leader, and anything with a peer reviewed study attached to it, James is an excellent place to get some cheerleading for the elitist in all of us, and deserves to be on this list because he's still really cool and informative at the end of the day. Check him out on youtube. He also does a super helpful and informative roundtable with Ben Cowen and Ron from Digital Asset News an I try to catch them when their powers are combined into DCA; Digital Crypto Answers Livestreams


Jordan Camirand

Any Signs Of A Bitcoin Rallyy Soon? - AMKNews

Short and sweet, solid TA in sort of a variety show format where he takes making funny commentary on crypto and other crypto people's very seriously. You can join Jordan and his repeating character impersonations of his family members and other crypto youtubers almost every evening on youtube at 6:30PM EST as he covers the daily market close into the evening. He covers crypto topics, and overall just has an enjoyable channel with banter and interaction. Learned a lot from him and learned not to take crypto too seriously, because sometimes there's light hearted goofy side to everything, and hey, maybe bitcoin really is going to zero, but it's not about the destination its the journey.


Ron @ Digital Asset News

Digital Asset News - YouTube

Definitely check Ron out on his youtube. He's got a fundamentalist and idealist approach and he's just all around balanced and average Joe, crypto dad. He runs sort of a daily news format and will no doubt be a one stop shop for your crypto related news. I also like that he's highly diversified and interested in alt coins and taking the risks, so he will talk pretty in depth about things like crypto gaming as an investor. I would probably disagree with him on things but he stops short of pulling out the view point barbs which is a rare thing to find, he holds back and just wants to keep the peace and focus on crypto and has that vision to take all of us there to the crypto valley promised lands. 


Crypto Love

Crypto Love - YouTube

Catch his youtube. He's newer for me, sort of has the standard moonboy analysis and outlook, but he actually tempers that optimism with sobriety, and some of the info he looks into regarding fundamentals or on chain analysis is stuff you won't get anywhere else. He's passionate, an old schooler crypto veteran, and just has a lot of love for Crypto, and he's kind of a goofball. I'm not sure what the connection is with Crypto Lifer, but they seem to know each other and have interviewed each other, I think Lifer is his protege into crypto.


Whiteboard Crypto

Whiteboard Crypto (@WhiteboardCryp1) / Twitter

For a solid visual start with crypto, you almost have to have visual explanations. White board has monopolized this with ease and with some humor, honestly his approach to this format for the space can't be beat. If you really are teaching kids or grandparents about crypto this really is probably the first place to start until you can graduate them to coinbureau. Have complex things not only explained in simple terms, but literally drawn out so you have the eureka moment when you learn things about blockchain, wallets, exchanges, lending platforms, or some random altcoin project. You can find his youtube here


Michael "Frick'n Bitcoin" Saylor

Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) / Twitter

If you don't know Michael by now you probably should. He's a visionary, a bitcoin prophet, and a bitcion demigod. He's a little late to the crypto bandwagon and an annoyingly elitist maximalist for bitcoin, but we can forgive him for that as his words part the fuddy regulatory seas, clear the fiat skies, and strike you with bitcoin lightening off your bear market mule and reminds you why you're here in Cryptopia. If you want to learn about the future of bitcion and crypto and about what it will mean for business, tech, and finance before terribly much longer, get acquainted with probably crypto's most enthusiastic and wealthy traditional finance convert.


Rauol Pal & Real Vision

Raoul Pal Explains How 1 Ethereum Could Reach OVER $20,000 Per Coin.  EXPLOSIVE 2021 Prediction 🔥 - YouTube

If Saylor is Bitcoin, Rauol is Ethereum and alt some altcoins, but in the same tier of experience with markets, business, and finance. He's a little moony for me, but I suppose we'll see where things go. He was, at least as far as I was exposed to, the sole voice I was hearing that was saying the end of the year would see a max-pain market cycle (psychle? haha), I wish I had known more to listen! But with that, Raul is equally a crypto visionary and arguably a big voice and advocate for crypto mass adoption, and in a unique position to share the crypto gospel with the masses and with higher echelon business types. I love listening to him and I wish he spoke more or did youtubes more often, but he is still pretty active overall, can't complain. He's also got his market analysis firm Real Vision and he's got a lot of good people and connections working for him sharing rich and varied perspectives on the markets. Definitely a big gun in our arsenal and I'm glad he's on our side giving us strait wisdom and insights.


The Scraps

There's a handful of more people and channels I could cover which have helped me along the way, but I either don't follow them regularly enough, or anymore, or haven't watched them enough, or in some cases all of the above because I don't like them. But I'll be nice.

One of the good and amazing things about this space is the fact that we're all in this together and we're still a crypto family in crypto city in crypto nation, and we're all headed to the moon and beyond; everyone is helpful and wants to share their knowledge and insights, and it's honestly why we're all here on Publish0x too. We can all take something given from each other's knowledge and insights. But with that I'll just list a few in case you want some more resources to scan through that I've happened to run into. I'm sure there's tons of people I haven't heard of that are great, or that might be too big to cover like Plan B (he gets enough attention and hate, we'll leave him out of this round), or people I might have forgotten but probably deserve to be on here.

Altcoin Daily

A crypto fundamentals and news group that does rankings and deep dives on projects, trends, and news. They're a great source of info but for some reason that info seems tainted and I can't quite put my finger on it, they've also come out and said things and broken their professional veneer enough times that it breaks their format. They kind of bother me with some of their analysis (moony), and apparently stepped in some twitter poop in the first Nov crash tweeting "crypto is dead." I can sympathize, but come on, get it together lol


I like bitboy, I just haven't watched him much. I think he's the biggest crypto youtube channel, and he's a bit of a mooner, and seems to draw a lot of attention and people also seem to dislike him. I haven't checked him out enough or been around long enough to know anything more than that.


I like George and but I don't like his channel, his format is a little too basic and uninformative, and he's a little too moony for me. Also, not a doctor.

Sean Benson

I like Sean, he's relatable, informative, takes crypto and trading seriously, and has some really good insights into TA and fundamentals. That said, he's also a little too moony for me and he comes off as a novice, after having been around most of the blockchain now myself. It looks like he's been a lot less active lately, I'm guessing he got wiped out with the market and probably took a lot of flak for that.


As much as they should be a leader in the space and as much as they kinda are, they seem to really suck. I hate to say it, every video I've watched with their new platform and diving into all that have just been too short, not that informative, and kind of a waste. I don't even want to bother linking their channel.

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