Why TotalAI might be the most important AI platform "Cradle to grave"

By Cryptodude01 | Cryptodude01 | 14 Mar 2023

TotalAI is a cryptocurrency project that aims to build a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) platform. It aims to provide a platform where developers can build and deploy AI models, and users can access these models to solve complex problems. TotalAI's vision is to create a marketplace for AI models where users can buy and sell models using cryptocurrency.

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to increase the speed and efficiency of Ethereum transactions. TotalAI is built on top of the Arbitrum network, which means that it can take advantage of the network's speed and scalability.

TotalAI's team believes that their platform could be the most important AI token for a few reasons. Firstly, their decentralized approach to AI could provide users with more privacy and security than traditional centralized AI platforms. Secondly, by using cryptocurrency, TotalAI's platform could enable users from all over the world to access and use AI models, regardless of their location or financial situation. Finally, by building on top of Arbitrum, TotalAI could offer faster and cheaper transactions than many other cryptocurrencies.

If you look at their website, it is screaming 1000x potential. It really is..


Don't believe me, look for yourself. Market cap just under 300K Strike now.







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Run a small distribution business. Been involved with Crypto for 2 years. Have some very interesting theories on Crypto. Also involved in major clean water projects, and elephant conservation.


Will be discussing various crypto talk. Coins that no one has heard of and the potential of adaptation. Also trends in crypto and why I believe 2 major beliefs; one, that crypto was created for buying power. That regardless of where you live you should have access to money and purchase power. And 2, to bring down the US dollar. Thoughts?

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