Ok Top ten Shows to Binge as we become zombies in our homes.

By Cryptodude01 | Cryptodude01 | 31 Mar 2020

Ok I think everyone liked the Radiohead top ten list. Now lets go to the small screen. Here is my TOP 10 Favorite shows that I suggest if you have not scene you should binge immediately.

Ok not in the correct order...


The Sopranos



Breaking Bad


Mad Men

BBC Sherlock

House of Cards 

The Americans

The Wire


Now add your favorites and I will see if I might like them as well!


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Run a small distribution business. Been involved with Crypto for 2 years. Have some very interesting theories on Crypto. Also involved in major clean water projects, and elephant conservation.


Will be discussing various crypto talk. Coins that no one has heard of and the potential of adaptation. Also trends in crypto and why I believe 2 major beliefs; one, that crypto was created for buying power. That regardless of where you live you should have access to money and purchase power. And 2, to bring down the US dollar. Thoughts?

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