Introducing BNB STAKE. High Risk. High Reward. Just started a few weeks ago... Mega Money

By Cryptodude01 | Cryptodude01 | 27 Mar 2021

SO I was introduced by someone I respect in Crypto. Yes there is major risk with BNB STAKE. However if more people put money into the pool, the likely hood you will be able to pull out your money.

They have 2 different pools, one where you can pull your BNB out anytime, and one (more risky) where you can can HODL and make a huge payout.


I put BNB in the least amount of risk, and BNB in the most risky.


What really drawn me to the is that is has be audited. 


Total income: based on your tarrif plan (from 5% to 8% daily)

Basic interest rate: +0.5% every 24 hours - only for new deposits

Minimal deposit: 0.05 BNB, no maximal limit

Earnings every moment, withdraw any time (if you use capitalization of interest you can withdraw only after end of your deposit)


Use my link.


This is not for everyone. I repeat this is not for everyone.


But if you are willing to high risk investing on the Binance Smart Chain this might be the platform for you. 


Good luck and make that bank!!!!



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Run a small distribution business. Been involved with Crypto for 2 years. Have some very interesting theories on Crypto. Also involved in major clean water projects, and elephant conservation.


Will be discussing various crypto talk. Coins that no one has heard of and the potential of adaptation. Also trends in crypto and why I believe 2 major beliefs; one, that crypto was created for buying power. That regardless of where you live you should have access to money and purchase power. And 2, to bring down the US dollar. Thoughts?

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