Daily Crypto Digest - 009

Daily Crypto Digest - 009

By Paulo380 | Cryptodigest and Updates | 23 Apr 2019


Sometimes, the harder you fall, the stronger you rise. - Anonymous

  Every now and then we are mostly faced with one challenges or the other. It may be financial, spiritual or physical. But every time you fall, the best thing to do is to rise and stand firm again. Why? Because no one would be there to pick you up.   

This is the cryptoland, and there are different fall that could manifest in various ways.   

Talk of buying a crypto coin at a prize you dim safe only to later realize you are one of those who bought the top, or maybe due to your trading convenience you slept soundly leaving your crypto on an exchange with the confidence that you are protected from price risk having set a stop loss at a target you are willing to take a loss only to wake up to the news that the exchange has been hacked.   

It could be the loss of a private key, it may be the direct compromise of your device. Whatever challenges you might have been through, "you really need to pick yourself up and rise again".  

Maybe you risked so much denting your way of life as a result. You got very hard on yourself thinking about where to start from. I am glad to tell you there is a solution and that solution is "starting all over again".   

No doubt! Your decision made things worse, it prolonged your days of struggle. Mind you, you have got no option than to "start over again". Yeah! It worth it. Why? Because the greatest thing that is happening to your life right now is the privilege of living, and the grace of life itself is worth living for.   

So, pick yourself back up and start over again.    Your experience just made you stronger, you got wiser, more rational and also careful.   

There is winning time for everyone at a different period. Your winning time will come.   

As long as you wake up, stand on your feet, breath in and out, every day is a new chance for new opportunities.    

Dear reader, don't mind me for my naughty dry advice, the cryptoland is just a dangerous path to journey, it takes only the strong to survive, and the strong become stronger as the downside of it can hardly be averted.   

But there are winning days for everyone, all it takes is to sit tight, hold your breath and strike at the right moment, and if your subjected right moment turns out the other way. Don't go hard on yourself tomorrow might just be another better opportunity.   

Alright! Let get into today's digest.    

Some discussion you should be part of



This analysis indicated the Golden Cross just formed on Bitcoin since 2015.

The comments on the post would definitely make bubbles in your stomach .

BMW announced VerifyCar power by the VenChain blockchain.

Crypto is getting more adoption than you think.

NEO revitalize their coin economic model of the awaited NEO 3.0 _


A report of NASDAQ secretly testing Bitcoin-based product.

Charlie Lee(litecoin founder) perspective on cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Binance completed the swap of BNB ERC token to its native coin on its main net. _

Reports and Updates in the News.

Blockchain became widely speculated as a disruptive tech base on the combination of its makeup technologies, especially cryptography and the unit identifier using hashes.

Taking into consideration all aspects that make it's immutable and secured such as a sequential ordering of block, history of block authenticity and many others. It will be quite difficult to carry some set of attacks on the tech.

But that status took a huge blow. Recently, in the news, there is a report of a hacker who was able to guess the private keys of over 700 accounts containing about 45,000 either put together, an incident which questions the credibility of the algorithm used for generating private keys on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the common know, a software system needs a single point of weakness to be rendered vulnerable.Let see what impact this have on the general view of blockchain and how the community reacts to it.

Read the in-depth news now on Cointelegraph.   

Staking Is The Next Profit Mining

Gone are the days when the general belief to profit on cryptocurrency is to HODL or engage in trading in the hope of better valuation per unit of owned asset.  

But there are now some different ways to profit by just holding an asset provided it is done the rightful way.   

One of it is staking owned asset for a particular period of time which may be a period of 6 months, 9 months, or a year with the aim of realizing some interest.  

This new mechanism is seeing the establishment of different projects providing such opportunities.  

In the news - BlockFi 'a crypto lending service" saw a major in flush of customers staking their Bitcoin or Ether asset(s) with the aim of benefiting from the annual interest rate.

Continue the read on Coindesk.   

Other Updates and Report in the news.

You can now shop with Bitcoin on Amazon.  

This crypto app lets you track and analyze over 2,000 crypto asset price and performance.  

Here is another app that gauges the market mood and sentiment for better analysis.  

The story of a wealthy founder who lost over $130 Million in bitcoin investment.  

Crypto-base transfer can cut remittance fee costs in Africa by 90%.  

Survey shows South Koreans increased crypto holding over the last year by 64%.  

Teen sent to 10 years imprisonment for attempted crypto hacking on cell phones.    


Put a little grin on your cheek with this meme as I round up this digest 190903265-d548b573f7e1d0f0c390cbae994f177bb9a93b112ce882a8ef7f76db97b45f27.jpegThis meme is sourced from a Reddit post.  

  Thanks for your time reading the digest. Remember to visit my blog tomorrow for another interesting digest.   

Cheers :-)    


Disclaimer The contents of this post are intended for information purpose only and should never be taken as an investment or trading advice. All information contained herein is linked to their respective sources without being taking word for word except in quotes and references.

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