RAKUTEN - Japanese e-commerce giant launches crypto exchange platform to support BTC, ETH and BCH

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The crypto market is increasingly caught in the eyes of "big man" when the number of institutional investors is increasing

Considered Japan's Amazon, e-commerce giant Rakuten announced the launch of its electronic money trading platform, with the name Rakuten Wallet

According to the latest announcement, Rakuten said users can start trading with the following three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) via an app on the phone.

Currently this app is available on the Android platform, while the iOS version is planned for "early September."

Rakuten added, customers' cryptocurrency will be stored in "hardware wallet" to ensure safety, private key will be managed in a multi-signature form and two-step authentication (2FA) to login and withdraw

Rakuten Wallet for initial registration in April from customers of Rakuten Bank. Most recently, Rakuten Wallet is also said to partner with blockchain CextTrace security company to protect against money laundering

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