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By Barakz12 | CryptocurrencyINV | 25 Mar 2020

Hi guys, in this post I wanted to write about a social media platform that rewards its users for writing content and is called is a pretty new website. It is actually pretty similar to social media networks like Facebook, and especially for Twitter. 

People get rewarded for their contribution to this community. They get a reward for Likes/Comments/Shares/Subscribes.


However, the reward you get on is not similar to any other crypto website in which you earn crypto tokens with a worth in the market. has its own crypto token which is called "MINDS" token. This token doesn't actually have a worth in the market as the crypto coin is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange website. Therefore, earning MINDS tokens doesn't give you anything at the moment.




So what is the use of MINDS tokens?


The MINDS tokens are currently used inside Each token worths 1000 views and users use it to boost their posts - A thing that I am not really liked on this website.


So what is my experience using


I have been using for almost a week in order to better understand how the website works. It seemed to be a cool and profitable crypto platform at the beginning. However, I noticed that users with many followers don't receive a lot of actions on their posts. Someone with 1000 subscribers doesn't get much more than someone with 100 subscribers, which doesn't make sense. The only explanation I have for this phenomenon is that the users of are active only at the beginning. After a short time from their registration, they stop using this website. 

And that causes many "dead" subscribers.

I managed to earn a few MINDS token by myself. However, I didn't like it because you have to boost your posts in order to be seen over the website, as the competition is pretty high. What makes users on websites like not to leave, is striving to become one of the top-rated users with the highest amount of subscribers. But when you see that even the "most successful" users on are pretty similar to you at the beginning, it just doesn't worth it!


To conclude is a platform that does has the potential to succeed and be worthy of users. However, earning MINDS tokens doesn't give you any crypto token with a real worth in the market. I believe that someday the MINDS tokens will be listed on some exchanges and then we will see the real price of it. But despite that fact, I think that using doesn't worth your time at the moment.



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