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By mdyakeen | CRYPTOCURRENCY/BLOCKCHAIN | 29 Aug 2020

The role of Defence Security is to ensure the protection and security of designated Defence Installations against sabotage and pilferage. Defence policy is an important step in the realisation of National Security Policy and its objectives. National defence is the core element of the national security system. This means that a functioning and effective defence sector is vital to national safety and security. Defence is also a major part of overall public spending. Therefore, ensuring budgets are spent in an efficient and responsible manner is crucial.

Gotem Platform :

GotEM was previously a startup called MeetMySpy. Founded in 2015 as a global marketplace to conveniently contract private investigators and private security. The platform generated organic traffic and traction with thousands of signups from detectives in over eighty countries. Thousands of real cases submitted by people from over 60 countries.


Gotem is a decentralized blockchain platform to search, source and fund specific missions to meet the objectives of global defense, security industry & humanitarian efforts. It empowers individuals, communities, industries & states all over the world. Gotem also allows users to discover, access, hire investigators or security for a specific mission and fund them to execute the mission and bring out the desired outcomes. Funds for cases and missions can be crowd funded and Private contractors can apply to take on cases or missions. Contributors to missions will utilize a voting system to decide which contractor to use. Unethical and Irrelevant missions naturally draw less incentive
from contractors. Voting and rating systems democratizes the ecosystem. 


The world needs a system of checks and balances. a network which the general populous can rely on to even the playing field. GotEMs goal is to become a platform for talented white hat hackers, private detectives, and private security forces can play a role in preventing future crimes or solving simple to complicated cases from all over the world. The platform would act as a safe medium for the general population to contract a freelancing specialist to assist with their case or mission. 

GTX Token :

The GTX token will be used to access GotEM’s future services on its platform. Services include private investigations, cyber investigations, private security, cybersecurity, and general investigative services provided by contractors, freelancers, and security groups on the platform. The utility of the token being that it is used to execute a Smart Contract between the user and contractor. 


The nature of the GTX Tokens is two-fold: they are utility token that can be used to buy premium services and hire talent, and they are also reward tokens that incentivizes community members for using and growing the platform. Tokens are only valuable in the sense that they are required to access and use the services offered by the Gotem Platform.

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