TON, is it time to fix? What are the prospects for the project?

By CryptoMax1387 | Cryptocurrency_World | 23 Mar 2024


Let me start by saying that Tone has been present in my portfolio for quite some time, since last summer.

Here are brief reasons for the asset's growth:
1. The project has huge potential due to the Telegram base
2. Telegram IPO
3. technical picture
4. the asset has a life of its own


TON fixation

Today I decided to fix the coin at the price of 4.93.
My average purchase price was 1.61 and such a profit is quite satisfactory to me. I fix not all, but 2/3.
I continue to believe in the project but:
1. technically we have reached the goals I had set for myself.
2. the current market environment does not tell me that we are about to go up. I've already described the logic that liquidity in the markets is general and the stock market is one step away from a decent correction. I don't believe it won't affect the crypto market at all.
3- Tone has a life of its own, I've noted that and it's mostly true. However, at least somehow, but if everything will fall - it will hurt it, in the most minimal case will limit the growth.
4. The technique works on such assets from case to case, if we are talking about investment, not speculation, so I am also guided by the banal capitalization of the tone, and at the moment I just do not see a strong upside potential here and now.
5. I am a conservative investor, and even in the crypto market I am not chasing thousands of percent, and the yield of 200+ percent suits me very well, why not take most of it away

TON's share

Will it grow more from the current ones? Anything is possible, that's exactly what the third I left behind. And will increase the project share back after time and a correction if there is one. The total portfolio return since summer 2023 is now 128% and the cache share has already become strongly dominant. I've outlined a number of new projects I want to add, but more on that next time.

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