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This is What Keeps me up at Night | CryptoHead Whirlwinds

My mind is like a hamster on a spinning wheel

I can't sleep. I can't sleep for the same reason I couldn't sleep yesterday. And the day before that.

My mind is racing. It's not just at night. It starts from the second I wake up. 

I'm not even aware of it. The thoughts take me over. Awareness of the thought quickly leads to another one.

It's exciting. It's tiring. It's relentless.


This is what keeps me up at night

It's a combination of many things. What all these things have in common is what most of you refer to as "cryptocurrency" or "bitcoin". But it's more than that.

It's about changing the world. It's about giving the power back to the people. It's about saving our civilization from destruction and demise, just as other inflationary and unsound monies have in the past.


As passionate as I am about educating people about crypto, as driven as I am to help bring people out of poverty, I am of course not telling you the whole truth. 

But to be fair, this matters just as much

Just like you, I also have needs. I have bills to pay, most of which consist of rent and food. I can't expect to teach anyone about anything if I'm not taking care of myself.

So the whole truth is that my mind is also racing with ideas about how I can thrive. Ideas about what to write about next. Ideas about how to increase my following.


I wouldn't say that I am power hungry as such. I like getting respect and appreciation as much as the next guy. What really drives me is my passion for the power of this new immutable, borderless, trustless technology.

Enter the madness

Just to give you an idea of the whirlwind of craziness that is my mind, here is an unadultered version of what's going on in there:

  • I can't believe how smart and well spoken Andreas Antonopoulus is, he is so intimidating
  • I want to watch and rewatch his videos and summarize them
  • But this isn't reallly original content, so what next?
  • Well, people don't just want the tech, they also want to know the human behind the message.
  • So, maybe more blogs like this. Maybe I should tell people my story.
  • OK but what else can I do to start earning the 800USD a month that I need to cover my living costs?
  • I need to continue posting content and building a reputation on Reddit, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.
  • There's so much to do, it's overwhelming. I wish I could just create content without having to market it

I don't want to bore you with anymore.

It's 1:21am right now

I don't know what else to tell you. But that's a lie. The thoughts never stop.

I can't help but think about the future. Will there be more equality, more justice, more freedom? There are many books which allude to how dramatically and rapidly our world has improved, including "Englightenment Now" and "Factfulness".

Still, just before writing this, I was reading "The Bitcoin Standard". The author outlines exactly how past civilizations collapsed into chaos and failure due to unsound money.

Surely it's clear for everyone to see that the goverment printing fiat is unsustainable? Surely everyone knows that they can now own their own bank in their back pocket? Surely people understand that a financial, social and political revolution is imminent?

That's the thing though.

They don't.

I'll sleep when they do.




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I spend all day researching, writing about and trading cryptoassets because they give the power back to the people

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