How To Create Account & Link Your Address In Faucetpay?


What is FaucetPay?

Faucetpay is a micro wallet provider where you receive micropayments from faucets and other sites without any extra fees. 

 Register on the FaucetPay here

Create a Faucetpay wallet

Step 1: Click the link to create a Faucetpay wallet below:

23543e65421975788211aea93eba3bad1fa0752e106de400214071c83d108e63.pngStep 2: Click Sign Up >> fill in information >> click Sign Up.

sign up faucetpay

sign up faucetpay1

Step 3: Log in to your Faucetpay wallet account.

Link your wallet

First, you must link your wallet address (such as: Coinbase, Trustwallet) with FaucetPay wallet

Step 1: From the Dashboard >> click Link Address. link address faucetpay Step 2: Enter your wallet address you need to link into the box “Address” >> select the type of wallet in the box “Coin” >> click Link Address. For example, if I want to link my Trust Wallet wallet with Faucetpay wallet, I will copy my wallet address in Trust Wallet and paste it in the box “Address” and select the corresponding coin (here will be Bitcoin) and then click Link Address. link address faucetpay

Exchange coins

Faucetpay wallet has the function of converting coins, if you have Bitcoin and want to convert to ETH, go to the Coin swap section.

In here, you choose the coin to convert and the destination coin, enter the amount >> click Make Exchange. On the picture I am changing from BTC to ETH.

faucet pay

4 - Withdraw coins to the linked wallet

The last part is to withdraw coins to the linked wallet. For example, the above section you link the Bitcoin wallet on Trustwallet to the Faucetpay wallet, when withdrawn, Bitcoin will be transferred from Faucetpay to your Trustwallet.

Step 1: From the dashboard >> select Withdraw

withdraw coin from faucetpay

Step 2: Select the coin to withdraw and enter the amount to withdraw. The wallet address has been linked before so there is no need to enter.

faucetpay auto claim

Step 3: Check the information: 1-Wallet address to receive coin, 2-Amount of coin. Note when withdrawing there will be a little withdrawal fee.

Step 4: After carefully checking the information, click Place Withdrawal to withdraw your coin, wait 4 hours for the coin to return to your wallet.

And here is the payment I receive when I withdraw coins from the Faucetpay wallet:

faucetpay auto claim


Hopefully this article will help you learn how to create and use a Faucetpay wallet to use free Bitcoin mining on free websites online. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Good luck.



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