Post BTC Halving - Top 2020 Altcoin selections

Post BTC Halving - Top 2020 Altcoin selections

Post BTC Halving - Top 2020 Altcoin selections

So, given time lets assume, like before, the May 2020 Bitcoin halving will invoke a new bull cycle. So which projects do I fancy? That is the question. Read on..

Traders and hodlers alike! based on my key criteria and ultimately led by projects that lean toward decentralisation (or the ideals that brought about the emergence of cryptocurrency)

I have devised a mix of altcoins that I think will see major percentage appreciation in 2020 and 2021. Where you see the (*) this represents a coin that is generally high in market cap and has been a regular top 100 coin.

My criteria is based on COMPETENCE, basically those who I perceive are either delivering or not delivering. I believe if everyone invested based on competence we would have a much more effective and cleaner cryptocurrency ecosystem. But, hey this is the age of information and misinformation.

The list is based on my opinion and is written loosely, it should be treated as subjective, informal and not in absolution. So lets go..

To recap, the last bull cycle was littered with random as fuck coins that were created to solve a problem...where in most cases, there was no problem to solve… for example "Hi, we are team Dent-a-Horse and we are here to solve the rising problem in the equistine dental market. Our fully decentralised coin costs just 10 ETH for 100'000 HTH (short for horse teeth coin). Join the horse dental revolution!". Do not get me wrong , there will be more of this, but ultimately I think we will see a more mature market where projects offer real utility and are connected to some form of useful service.

In terms of prices, I do not think we will see the ridiculous percentage appreciations however there will be some projects that offer these types of gains. I think the ICOs that were released after the peak of 2018 bubble and that exemplify real value are ones to keep your eye. The reason for this is twofold, 1, they never rode that parabolic wave (thus the next bull market will provide a perfect platform) and 2, the bear market conditions offered them a distraction free period to build.  

I have also created an extra list of established cryptocurrencies that I personally deem as very questionable, if you hold these coins you should be asking yourself those hard questions (really you should be perpetually asking yourself these hard questions irrespective of what you hold).

The Halving will invoke another Bull cycle

Lets go with the prosperous lucky 7 - here we goes:

1. UBT Unibright - Unibright is a German company that epitomises the vorsprung durch technik' couldn’t resist the cliché. The token supply is low, it has not yet been picked up by major centralised exchanges - ergo many more growth opportunities. The Unibright team are experienced and methodical in their approach with well many decades of expirience.

Unibright is a leading partner with The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Baseline Protocol whose goals correlate with Unibrights (leveraging enterprise on Blockchain). Unibright are one of the first big crypto projects to embark on building a trading platform for Security Token Offerings, this aligns nicely with what they do, where the corporation/enterise an optional service of launching an STO digital token and have it listed on Unibrights STO trading platform aptly called Freequity.

Unibright is a total ‘belt and buckle’ a ‘360 degree loop’ a ‘Pippen to Jordan slam’. All this seems like perfect timing for Ethereum 2 which will make Ethereum an enterprise grade blockchain, where Unibright will assist in applying enterprise to Ethereum Mainnet.

My conclusion is this, low range midcap has the potential to go well beyond a billion dollar market cap and that is why it sits firmly in this number one position.


2. ETH Ethereum The first iterations of Ethereum 2 will probably be released in Summer 2020. Last time around, at its height, 1 ETH was worth .08 BTC, the current price is around .02 BTC. Consider this – Ethereum 2 will allow enterprise grade adoption (it’s worth mentioning twice). I won’t mince my words – the flippening could occur (where Ethereum has a greater market cap than Bitcoin).

Ethereum 2 will allow users to stake a minimum of 32 Ethereum in exchange for their computing resources which will assist in validating the Ethereum mainnet, in return the validator's or stakers will receive compensation. This is the epitome of the Proof of Staking model.

The sheer evolution on Ethereum, as per the decentralised Finance movement, bringing enterprise to blockchain will position Ethereum in a trajectory to surpass Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is the protocol that defines the cycle of value in crypto, then Ethereum is the protocol that will apply the value into everyday life.


3. KNC - Kyber Network is one of the foremost decentralised Ethereum based exchanges. Like many of Ethereums great decentralised exchange solutions (such as Uniswap, Idex, Bancor, 1inchexchnage),  Kyber Network has seen significant increase in use over the past 6 months. The team has been developing the exchange since 2017 and the look and utility continues to increase.

What Kyber does well is list a range of erc-20 coins unavailable on Binance and other exchnages where buyers are a few clicks away from a on the spot and seamless purchase. I like the idea of trading on a platform that aligns to Ethereums decentralised vision which is obviously starkly opposed to say Binance whose monopolising actions are going against the ethos of decentralisation. As Ethereum 2 gathers pace I think Kyber Networks service will expand and this value will no doubt feed into the token.

4. LIT -  Lition is a layer 2 blockchain on top of Ethereum that enables commercial usage of dApps. The Lition protocol complements the Ethereum mainnet by adding features such as privacy, scalability and deletability for GDPR compliance. Everybody can choose to build on Lition without the need for permission.

Lition In terms of broad tokenomics has a lot of similarities with Unibright. Lit has a very small circulating token supply (~60 million) and hit market in May 2019 and there is a staking facility within LIT. Recently it was announced LIT was in the process of becoming a member of the Baseline Protocol.

This is a riskier bet but the upside on this crypto is tremendous. A few additions on any of Ethereums decentralisation exchanges may see this coin make great headway in the short term. Due to Lits price and stage of development I find this coin ideal for trading with a view to further maximize holdings.

5. LINK – Chainlink The Chainlink network provides reliable and secure inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. In short, Chainlink is a bridge that allows centralised databases of corporations, enterprise and business to communicate data back and forth. Alike Unibright, Chainlink is a leading partner with The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Baseline Protocol. Riding against the wind, Chainlink experienced parabolic growth throughout 2019. Anyone who is paying attention to this space can clearly see it is edging more towards practical real world usage and Chainlink - without doubt - play a pivotal role in making this a reality. Many are suggesting Chainlink could be the next bullruns flagship crypto, I would not argue with this. Chainlink could easily hit $100s per coin, especially as staking is soon to become a reality. 


6. BAT – BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN Basic Attention Token is the life blood of The Brave internet browser. The Brave browser offers users a shield of privacy and ad-protection. Whats more, users are rewarded in BAT for using the web browser and are also given the option to accept ads, whereby the value of the ad revenue is distributed to you the user. BAT operates on the Ethereum mainnet and has been a top 50 mainstay for some time. BAT is the epitome of a crypto project that is progressing nicely. I would not be surprised of a big breakout.

7. REN – The development of REN has intrigued me for quite some time. One reason for holding REN is by owning 10’000 Ren tokens you can run a darknode. The REN virtual Machine is been developed in order to bring a layer of privacy on exchanges and in doing, you,  as a darknode operator can apply your computing power and therefore are rewarded with a fee. Not only this but REN VM will also look to incorporate Bitcoin, basically its . The privacy elements that will no doubt be applied in the emerging DeFi space are yet to be realised, for me this renders REN as a superb crypto project that is trying to solve a real problem. 


Bonus - The one to watch or the red herring:

 8.  LIBRA – Facebook is currently building its own cryptocurrency whose nodes are run by some of the world’s leading brands. Obviously it is far from decentralised but clearly has its eye on bringing digital banking to unbanked - of which there are billions. It was widely indicated Libra would be pegged to a basket of currencies in order for it to be stable. Firstly I am offended by the phrase “basket of currencies” - mmm, how queer! and secondly I think the price of Libra will be far from stable. What Facebook Libra will do is legitimise crypto and bring the opposing concept of centralision vs decentralision to the fore! which, as far as i can tell, as a topic, will become even more paramount.

Questionable holds:

I believe the following coins incompetence to reign supreme over their competence. I believe their respective market caps be far too high for what they deliver:

1. XRP – XRP tokens are frequently and on mass sold off by the XRP foundation. Remember the Ripple Coinbase fiasco? Beware. 

2. ADA – A cryptocurrency that amassed a peak market cap of and after numerous assurances and promises the underpinning smart contract trading platform is yet to be fully released. Beware.

3. EOS – A dPoS crypto where you stake and vote up to 21 block producers to maintain the EOS blockchain. These block producers who are in turn paid in EOS. Note, it has been proven the prominent block producers vote each other into the top paying positions. Also, the company who created EOS has shareholders to appease and are responsible for updating EOS.IO (Mike Novogratz sold a significant amount of his shares and EOS tokens before the ill-fated B1 June event in 2019 – well played Mike?). are in the process of building a social media platform called Voice, and to their credit as a company they have delivered on building parts, I just question the  Beware.

4. NEO – Another dPoS blockchain, who like ADA is full of promise and empty on delivery. Has failed in development and what’s more is another example of a Chinese block chain unable to grasp and adopt the concepts that initially gave rise to this space. Beware.

5. TRON – Justin Sun. Beware.


Finally I hold some of these coins and have held some of the questionable ones in the past. I am not associated with any of these projects ... seriously do you think they would be put under this lense ;)

Whatever you hold - I hope we see some real innovation emerging from this space and I hope you all prosper during the next bull cycle - irrespective of whatever you hodl.

Shares are appreciated - Thank You for Reading  


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