Updated trick to invest into BiBox Exchange and Get Weekly Fees Paid of their Volume

This trick is in my ebook Passive Income from Crypto but i have also shared it publicly here on Steemit or on my blog - become shareholder of bibox exchange




But now they changed it a bit, well not but theres a nice bonus if you buy more tokens. So to not make you re-read old posts (unless you want to), the trick is:

  • Register to Bibox (no documents needed)
  • Deposit BTC or ETH (or other cryptos)
  • Buy BIX tokens (trades also on other exchanges ie Huobi - means its legit)
  • As soon as you have at least 500 you lock then and get weekly dividends of their fees


Now there is ambassador program. If you lock 5000 BIX for a year you get loads of addons:

  • Lock-up Rewards. Locked BIX will enjoy a 19% annualized return + 2 tiers locking dividends
  • Transaction Fee Discount. Additional transaction fee, as high as 76% off
  • Project Listing Referral Rewards. BAs will have the right to recommend high-quality projects for listing on Bibox and receive rewards according to BA level if the project is listed.
  • Candies & Airdrops. BAs may receive candy airdrops from the newly listed projects.
  • Priority Benefits. BAs will be the first to access and experience new Bibox products and will be granted early purchase rights of such products.
  • Exclusive Identity. BAs will be rewarded with exclusive gifts from Bibox such as customized nameplates and unique gift packs from time to time.
  • VIP Channel. BAs can be deeply involved with the platform’s development and their feedback and suggestions will be treated with the utmost priority. BAs will be able to interact with Bibox founding team directly. All Bas will also be invited to attend Bibox offline meetings and VIP events.

Yes the most interesting claim is


More to come.

So you will have smaller fees and options to add coins (at least have a big vote) so i assume many devs will be getting those accounts just to push their coins into the site.

24h Bibox Volume - $1 171 229 194 USD / 111 019 BTC



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